London Zoo – Year 3

With great excitement for the day ahead, we made our way to South Woodford Underground Station for the long journey to London Zoo. We all arrived at the zoo and started our zoo experience at the Zoo Lab where we touched a corn snake and had to measure, weigh, describe and discuss the teeth of interesting animal skulls. Who knew the horns on a Giraffe is part of the skull and bone…?

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We then started our journey around the zoo making our way ‘Into Africa’. Here we saw the Pygmy Hippo ‘Nicky’, fast asleep and not at all concerned with noisy children fussing over him. We then visited the Giraffes and were lucky enough to see one feeding, black tongue curling around the branches only a few feet away! The Okapi snacked away at a cabbage hung from the tree, then we saw warthogs, wild dogs and not forgetting the infamous zebra.

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Next, we visited the brand new Lemur enclosure, FANTASTIC!! They might be a wild animal but were clearly well use to people and just sat around showing off enjoying the sunshine. The otters were almost recruited for our netball team with the amazing skills they showed with the little stones they flicked on their bellies.


From the meerkats on the look out and taking on the ‘venomous’ snake (also known as a rubber snake) during their show, to ferrets and owls flying over our heads, snakes slithering and brightly coloured frogs, our experience was coming to an end in the Reptile House. A memorable day filled with unforgettable learning experiences and great fun!

– Ms Fourie


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