How Can We Be Thoughtful?

‘Thoughtfulness’ is our Value for the new Autumn Term and in today’s assembly we spoke about what thoughtfulness means, how can we be thoughtful and also watched some short animations that might give us some ideas or examples.


We started with the question “What is thoughtfulness?” Pupils believed that thoughtfulness is “sharing time”, “thinking of others feelings”, “helping others”, “looking out for others”. Mr Curl was very happy to see that the children understand how they can be thoughtful and summarised that “Thoughtfulness is putting people before ourselves”. We then moved on to watch a lovely video made by Mrs Alderson, that showed us what we do in school that is considered thoughtful. Mrs Mathison also asked one of her pupils to explain how they had helped their friend last week, to which they replied “I had been thoughtful by picking up my friend’s toy”.


How can we brighten someone else’s day by being thoughtful? The next short animation was a wonderful way to visually engage our children and show them how by being kind, thoughtful and helpful, we can really make a big positive impact on those around us. Mr Curl asked everyone “why did the people change colour?” and we discussed how doing something small for one person, can affect many people, it is like a chain reaction of positivity! When we share acts of kindness, we colour our world!

Eeyore also helped us to see how something thoughtful doesn’t have to cost you anything and quite often, it showed us that with a little imagination we can bring happiness to many others!


To finish our Assembly, we sang ‘Praise Him’, an upbeat hymn which focuses on how we can serve, praise and trust God morning, noon and night. Mr Curl prayed and gave thanks to end: “Dear Lord, we thank you for the examples we see today, we thank you for people who show us how to be thoughtful, how they brighten and bring colour to other’s days. Thank you to those who are thoughtful around us and bring much positivity to our lives. Dear Lord, show us how to be kind and thoughtful each day. Amen.”


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