Healthy Living Assembly with Ms Fourie

Something a little different for Assembly today – Ms Fourie spoke to us about “What is healthy living?”. Focusing on our Wellbeing Scheme, we really want our children to understand what it means to be healthy, the ways in which we can make our lives more balanced and wholesome, but also, what are the main cornerstones to health.


Ms Fourie asked the children to come up with 4 things you can do to be more healthy. The children worked with their partner to think of some examples. Here’s what they came up with:

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Exercise
  • Rest and relax
  • Drink milk
  • Drink water
  • Learning
  • Playtime


After the children had given examples, Ms Fourie explained that healthy living isn’t just about eating good food and getting exercise. It’s also about resting and getting a good sleep; learning and exercising our minds; also it’s about playtime and making sure we have time with our friends!



The children then learned a fun new dance with Ms Fourie, to ‘Singing in the Rain’. A wonderful way to start our Tuesday – happy, full of energy and thinking about our wellbeing!


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