Good Marks July 1st

Sports Day Sportsmanship

All staff were extremely proud of their pupils at yesterday’s Sports Day, when one child was last to finish her race. The rest of her class and some pupils from other year groups joined in to help her run the last lengths. Mr Curl asked how this made her feel: “I felt supported and united with everyone!”. It was a beautiful sight and Mrs Barrett was reduced to tears!! It was fantastic to see people being together and supporting one another.

Which lead us on nicely to the new Value, which has changed from ‘Confidence’, to ‘United’. Watch our united video below:


Good Marks

Blue 669

Brown 655

Yellow 648


Merit Awards

This week our Value changed from ‘confidence’ to ‘United’. A very fitting theme to support our recent sports days, all the work we do together as a community at Snaresbrook Prep and also the recent teamwork we have done.

Merits were awarded for:


confidence at listening to instructions and following them; tried harder at sports, has joined the football team and did really well at sports day; for reading out loud to the class; confidence has grown in sport and swimming and for getting up after wiping out in the blind race and getting back into it confidently.



For being kind and always tries to play with her friends; for always getting everyone together and being a fantastic part of the class; a class Merit went to Year 4 because of their hard work at Sports Day and for a strong sportsmanship shown at our recent Sports Day


Certificates were handed out for winning the Wanstead Cricket tournament, outside of school.



A HUGE well done to everyone who helped us raise money for Readathon, we raised £1440.20!


And to finish our assembly, we sung a very big

Happy Birthday Mrs Altman!


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