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Good Marks Friday 8th July


A huge well done to our six pupils who received the highest number of merits for the term! They have been brilliant role models, hardworking, supportive and positive pupils! They will each be awarded with a book token in our end of year ceremony as a well done for their achievement.


End of Term Merits

Year 1 received a class merit for continued support of one another throughout the term, linking nicely with our theme of ‘Unity’.

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Year 2 also received a class merit. Miss Rimmer was very proud to announce that her children have really got on board with sport this term, they’ve done extremely well considering there were quite a few that didn’t enjoy sport at the beginning of the year. They have also shown real unity when playing sport, encouraging and supporting each other.

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Year 3 ALSO received a class merit as they helped Ms Fourie in this week’s Nursery & Reception Sports Days. Ms Fourie was very grateful to have such a brilliant little team to help her so much throughout the event and said they all worked really hard and also worked really well together!

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A Year 4 pupil broke the class merit award streak and was awarded a merit for being an all around excellent example of how to be united. United in class, sports, work, with friends – a fantastic role model to his peers!

Year 5’s were awarded a merit each as they worked together really well in the last Paralympics Presentation this week, they worked to bring together their team, worked out problems and put together an interesting and well thought out presentation. Well done!

And last, but certainly not least, our Year 6’s were awarded a class merit (in the words of Mr Manning), “obviously for their incredible performance last night. But also because they showed such incredible unity on Wednesday – which the rest of school will understand more at Prize Giving…”.

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Final points for our House Teams for this term:

Blues 6,134

Browns 5,854

Yellows 5,739


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