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Good Marks Friday 7th Oct

merit-awardees prep school children assembly


Blue – 460

Brown – 464

Yellow – 468

Well done to our Yellows! We must have had extra good behaviour, work and attitudes this week as you’ve come out on top! The children receive ‘good marks’ which tally up for their House Team (blue, yellow or brown). At the end of the week, we total all the points and see who has won the most points!



Merits this week are now for ‘Respect’. The Value we focus on changes each month and for October, we will be giving good marks and merits for respectfulness. Teachers pick one child (sometimes two) from their class and give a reason as to why they are receiving a merit.


This week, we had merits for children who are  very polite and have great manners. Even when teachers aren’t about! Always pays attention. Good listening. Being able to listen & respect opinions of others in the class – especially in philosophy. For being a pleasure to work with, being cooperative and helpful, completely respectful to the teacher. And for always showing respect to teachers and friends alike, being thoughtful towards others by giving them attention when they are speaking.

We’re off to a very good start – looks like October will be a great month!





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