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Good Marks Friday 5th February


This week, our Snaresbrook Prep Values have moved onto ‘Excellence’.

To start off this week’s Good Marks Assembly, we were treated to two fantastic performances, that really showcased ‘excellence’. You can watch the clips over on YouTube.


Mr Curl asked pupils to think about what they’ve done this term that is excellent? He will ask us again Monday, so children, remember to bring something in or think about what you would like to say! (Parents, please help your child to bring something in with them on Monday if they would like to show and tell. Please note, nothing fragile or of great importance, thank you.)

House Team Points!

Our favourite results of the week, House Team Points!

Here are the results for this week.

BLUE – 534

BROWN – 532

YELLOW – 526



Commendations this week were awarded for:

  • Careful accurate and beautiful presentation of work
  • Fantastic contribution in science
  • Impressive newspaper report


Well done everyone!


Merits this week were awarded for:

  • Always doing the right thing
  • Working hard in PE
  • Building an incredible city, town and village landscape in DT (class merit)
  • Always putting effort into his work and it shows
  • Great work in literacy
  • Creating a phenomenal composition in music, Mrs Phillips even mentioned they did better than a Year 8 class who she had recently worked with! Very impressive.
  • Always striving for excellence!


We also gave out awards for:

Grade 1 cello, passed with merit and a medal awarded for serving in church for a year. Brilliant achievements!

Mr Curl mentioned that “this is the most children we’ve had up for quite some time for merit awards. There must be lots of pupils doing really well and starting this year off with excellence! Well done.”


We then finished this week with a video of rockets launching and Mr Curl asked the pupils why it was relevant? He gave us a clue that the song was No.1 in the charts many years ago. We found out the song was ‘Ground Control To Major Tom’ by David Bowie and it’s relevant as sadly, Bowie died very recently. Mrs Williams suggested we pay tribute to his passing and Mr Curl has agreed that we will have a week of honour, whereby we will listen to Bowie songs as we come in for next week’s assemblies. 

We also found out, that Tim Peak is the first British astronaut to live in space! Hence the rockets…



Now, time for the weekend!

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