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Good Marks Friday 2nd December

Blue 500
Brown 495
Yellow 485

A little change this week… Mrs Alderson took center stage for today’s assembly, rather than being on the production line! A nice change for the children and a nice change for Mrs Alderson to see faces, instead of backs of heads! We kicked off the day with a hymn – we are learning Christmas carols ready for the Church Service and Christmas Carolling at the end of term.


Commendations were handed out this week for acting skills in this week’s Shaking Up Shakespeare “for playing a fantastic lady Olivia” and for “the best funky chicken dance I have ever seen”. We also visited Manor Court Lodge this week to sing carols and perform for the resident, Ms Maskell awarded a commendation for a child who was “chatty and confident speaking with residents on his own”. Mrs Altman awarded her Year 1 a commendation for “a great attitude to work”.



Merits awarded for ‘Friendship’:

Year 1:- “always kind to friends and always the first to jump up to help”
Year 2:- “this child is awarded the merit for this week because they were kind enough to bring in extra costumes for the Christmas play, saying “even if somebody doesn’t need it right now in case they need it for the xmas production” which was so thoughtful and a friend to everyone in the class”
Year 3:- “This child helped in science, as we were working on ‘Dinosaurs’, by telling a story to another child about how they became extinct and making the information easier for someone else to understand”
Year 4:- “for being a friend to everyone in the class”
Year 5:- “f someone needs help she is the first to help and will always share information when she understands the work, always supporting her fellow class mates”
Year 6:- “This merit is going out to two people this week. We were doing some hard Computing work, where we were learning about programming (“I had absolutely no idea what they’re doing muttered” Mr Manning). And these girls were helping out where they could and showing the rest of the class how to understand the work which I thought was extremely commendable behaviour!”


Christmas Card Competition

We finally have a winner for the Christmas card competition! Well done to our Year 5 pupil – a fantastic design including all the school values, what Christmas means to us at Snaresbrook and lots of lovely glitter!



Crazy Creatures Writing Competition

We’ve another competition for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 to enter! This time, it’s Crazy creatures…

Can you think of a crazy creature?

Draw or describe it on the sheets given to you. Then write a 100 word mini saga to enter!

Deadline: Wednesday 14th December

Please hand in your entries to Ms Kehoe or your class teacher.


Ancient Egyptians Competition Winner!

We have a competition winner and this young lady has actually been published. Here, our Year 6 Author reads her work. Well done and congratulations! Fantastic work, what an achievement.

How did it feel winning the competition and becoming a published author?

“It felt amazing, I was surprised. It took me about 5 to 10 mins to write and I wasn’t sure I was actually going to win it, I was just doing it for fun.”



Our prayer for today:

“Dear Lord,

As we gather here today,

keep us safe in work and play.

Remind us to be kind and fair.

With thanks,

We offer up this prayer.


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