Good Marks Assembly

Brexit Discussions

Mr Curl asked our pupils if they had heard any breaking news this morning? To which, quite a few Years 3, 4 & 5’s came up with some knowledge of the Referendum and also the stepping down of David Cameron.

In this week’s Year 5 Current Affairs, the children had actually predicted that it will be 48/52 split, but weren’t sure which way it would go. Fantastic estimations.

BREXIT - EU Referendum 2016

Mr Curl asked the children if they knew any other information about Brexit and what this meant to us as a country. Some children mentioned that the value of money will go down – Mr Curl answered, “we will have to wait and see if it will continue to go down or go up after so long”. Another Year 5 mentioned that it may be harder to travel – people have also tried to get different passports from countries within the EU so that they can travel easier. 

Mr Curl advised the children to ask some more questions when they get home and also keep an eye on the news, as this is an historic day and so, will be a good idea to understand what is happening.


Good Marks

Blues – 515

Browns 516

Yellows 518


We then moved onto the Good Marks. Mr Curl noted after we announced the results, that it was a close good marks result this week – much like the referendum! The children found this very funny and were eager to see who had won this week’s Commendation results, as this added an extra 5 points, sealing the winners! Eventually, after much delay and reading of every single detail on the commendation, Mr Curl awarded the certificate to a member of the Brown House Team, therefore putting them in the lead of 521 points! Browns were delighted.



Merits this week were linked to our theme of ‘Confidence’ and were awarded for the following:

  1. A noted growth in their confidence of their work
  2. A pupil read his story at the front of the class and grew in confidence after being nervous to begin with
  3. For reading out loud to the class
  4. For a new starter who has settled into his new class very well and joined in very well too
  5. And lastly, for a growth in confidence with maths

Merit Awards

One of our pupils who is sadly leaving us was also awarded his very last merit for guitar playing. Mrs Phillips specially awarded the merit and noted that he has “gone from strength to strength with his guitar playing and I was very impressed with his beautiful rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” at the Summer Music Concert”. Mr Curl wished him all the best of luck at his new school and he will be missed by all!



Commendation this week went out for ‘writing a thrilling sequel to a story’. And we also had two children awarded with certificates for achievements outside of school, which include ‘1000m Swimming’ award and Gymnastics Level 7 award. Fantastic to see our children achieving so much in and outside of school!


To finish this week’s Good Marks Assembly, Mr Curl selected a hilarious video of an Icelandic commentator’s reaction to Iceland scoring a goal…

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