Good Marks Assembly

Her Royal Majesty’s Birthday!


We started today’s assembly with a quiz – what was special about yesterday? We found out that the Queen had her birthday and also what she does for our country. We then watched two short videos explaining why the Queen has two birthdays and what she did throughout her special day.

Queens Video

Good marks

Blue  212

Brown 223

Yellow 213

Browns take the lead again on a 223 point win – very well done for such a short amount of time back at school!


We then moved onto our commendations for the week. This week the children were awarded commendations for an excellent history project! Brilliant work 🙂


We also had another awardee for her ‘Proficiency Awards Level 8 in Gymnastics’. Lot’s of hard work shown so far this week.



Merits are awarded to our children from each year group teacher. The Merits follow the current Value of that term (we are now on Perseverance). Children that received the merits were given for: although he finds some work hard, he keeps trying on work and persevering with things he doesn’t always understand straight away; persevering with learning his climbing skills, he even went to some climbing centers on his holiday! And persevering with maths, making a conscious effort to try to learn something new.




We sang one of our favourite hymns just before finishing, ‘Shine Jesus Shine’. Mr Manning, our new Year 6 Teacher was very impressed with our singing!

Hymn 2


Readathon Sponsorship Money

Readathon is now finished and we ask if you could please bring in all sponsorship money for Monday 25th April. Miss Rimmer will be counting and sending off all monies raised to Readathon within the week! Thank You

Mr Curl asked the children who had read a ‘real’ book or a book on a device over half term? A 80-20 ratio of pupils and staff were reading out of books instead of devices. Mr Curl was quite surprised by this figure and wondered will the future only be on devices? 


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