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Good Marks Assembly


Following on with our Values, this week’s assembly is all about Enjoyment and what we do at school that we really enjoy. Enjoying what you do leads to great progression, achievements and also a happy, positive state of mind.


St Patrick’s day

Mr Curl started our assembly by wishing everyone a Happy St Patrick’s Day for yesterday and asked who had Irish heritage in our school. A few pupils and teachers! We then watched a video on how St Patrick’s Day came to be, the children loved the little animated video.


Happy birthday Mrs Phillips!

Mrs Phillips had her birthday yesterday, so right before our hymn, we all sang Happy Birthday and had a little dance!

happy birthday


Good marks

Blue 631

Brown 624

Yellow 656

Well done to our Yellows this week who finished on a brilliant 656 points! Lots of hard work, good behaviour and positive attitudes!



Commendations were awarded for working hard at staying focused on her work, for writing an excellent magical adventure story, for an excellent work ethic, for writing a very neat letter to a mayor and for excellent organisation of Google Doc files.


Merit Awards:


Merits awarded for enjoyment showed in learning – the pupil made a slideshow with learning objectives and informative slides about Michael Jackson, enjoying all levels of school and work, for running a 5KM race for charity!

Merit Awards Prep School

Sports certificates

Year 1 & 2 Football game

The boys competed for very first time in their brand new kit. The children played on adult pitches in Barnet! The boys weren’t fazed by the competition and won their first game 6-0! Although they lost a couple games, they won their last game of the day and came fourth in their group!

Mrs Foster said Mr Foster “had a fabulous time, even though he was very tired but it was well worth it. Hopefully we will do it again next year!”

Infants Prep School Football Team

Mrs Foster and the Year 1 & 2 Football Team

Juniors Tournament

Our junior Football Team played at Woodford Green Prep School on Wednesday. Mrs Foster said the boys played  terrifically and were extremely impressed with one of their new team players, for his progress and how well he has integrated into the team! Coming late into the team is hard work, but he has played so well and is a real asset to the football team!

Independent Prep School Football Team

Mrs Foster standing proud with her Year 6 Football Boys

Snaresbrook Prep Junior Football Team

The boys with their proud coach, Mr Foster!

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