Good Marks Assembly

Blue 439

Brown 448

Yellow 446

Well done to our Browns who hopped into first place with just two points!

This morning our ears were greeted to the soothing sounds of Eva Cassidy’s ‘Imagine’. Mr Curl asked who knew the song and who knew what artist sang the original? Of course, it was the wonderful, John Lennon.



Commendations this morning, went out for fantastic work on a creative story, set in a forest! Great to hear pupils working hard on their creativity and English.

Awards were also presented for Gymnastics, outside of school! Fantastic work, well done!

The mood this morning was pretty sleepy, we think everyone has had a busy week and although it’s Friday, it felt like a tired Monday morning! However, this mood soon shifted when Miss Allan was taking the commendation awardee’s photos… someone was holding their commendation the wrong way round!!

Commendation Oops



The children all shouted “it’s the wrong way round!” And we finally realised, they meant the award! This certainly woke everyone up and had us all in stitches.



Orangutans in a wheelbarrow

Orangutans in a wheelbarrow?! Mr Curl has recently spoken to his Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 classes during their Current Affairs lessons about Orphaned baby orangutans who travel to ‘Forest school’ (not the Forest School, which the children found hilarious) in the Rainforest! Forest School is a ‘school’ specifically designed to help orphan apes discover how to play, live in the wild, eat the correct foods and how to climb! There are now over 100 orangutans at the school and should hopefully go back to the wild, eventually.

orangutans in a wheelbarrow

We watched a short video which showed us life at the Forest School!

Mr Curl then said to Mrs Alderson “I’m sure we had some monkey business here at Snaresbrook, not too long ago… Do we still have the footage?!”. The children instantly remembered the video from Prize Giving, 7 months ago! You can catch up on those videos here:

Prize Giving

This year’s Prize Giving will be held at Hawkey Hall in Woodford, on Monday 11th July at 6.15pm. More information will be supplied nearer the time.




Merits were awarded for our key value: Excellence this week. Next week, we will be moving onto ‘Enjoyment’.



We finished today with our hymn; Shine Jesus Shine. A lovely, upbeat tune with a positive message – a great way to start our Friday!

shine jesus shine

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