Good Marks Assembly 4th March

BLUE 598



In today’s Good Marks Assembly, we started with a catch up of our World Book Day and watched our World Book Day trailer, we then moved onto some photos from the day. You can view more photos of our day over on Facebook (click to view).

Year 6 SPS Charity Event Independent School



Merits this week were awarded for children who show enthusiasm and enjoyment whilst at school. Teachers awarded the children with merits for ‘always being positive, smiley, skipping into school and positive towards staff’; ‘enthusiasm and enjoyment of reading and writing’; ‘always being a positive member of the class’ and ‘generally being a cheerful pupil who puts effort and enthusiasm into what they do, which results in enjoyment for many!’

Merit Awards Independent Prep School Children


A certificate awarded to our karate master – who has passed his karate exam with distinction and moved up to his purple belt! Fantastic.

Certificate Awards

Show & Tell

Today we hear of a South African beaded turtle which was purchased for 60 South African Rand, which equates to about £3!

South African Beaded Turtle


We then finished with today’s hymn ‘Make Me A Channel of Your Peace’. Mr Curl explained that “the lyrics are worth reflecting on, as they speak to us about how we should think less about ourselves and more about others”. A lovely hymn to start our day and get us in the frame of mind to look out for our peers and how we can be of service to others.


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