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Good Marks Assembly

We started off today’s Good Marks Assembly listening to ‘4:33’ by John Cage. Mr Roberson told us in Monday’s assembly about John Cage and how he sat at his piano for 4 minutes 33 seconds and didn’t do anything, but unintentionally made a song of silence called ‘4:33’!


Storm Gertrude

Mr Curl explained that Storm Jonas has now passed us, but we’re onto Storm Gertrude. “If you hear or feel the strong winds today, that will be Gertrude” explained Mr Curl.



Good Marks

A very big well done to our Brown team, in the lead with a mere 7 points!!

BLUE 484




Mr Curl thanked his Year 6 readers and noted to a pupil that he “read very well – clear, loud and confident. You actually sounded like a teacher, have you ever thought of becoming a teacher?”. To which the pupil said “no.” Everyone found it hilarious!  As we had no commendations this week – which is the usual running joke, but this time there actually none! The Blue team noticed some yellow pieces of paper on the piano and signalled to Mr Curl that he had missed them. “Good try blues but that won’t work! It’s not commendations, it’s Mrs Phillips music book!” The Blues had unfortunately mistaken Mrs Phillips music book for the yellow commendation certificates that are normally hidden around the hall.


We then had a look through some of the fantastic photos from the O2 and had a giggle at some silly photos – what a brilliant experience Young Voices is and we’re very lucky to be invited! We’re very much looking forward to next year’s!




Lastly, well done to our merit winners for excellent behaviour, trying really hard to learn new things and being generally helpful around school. Well done!



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