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Good Marks Assembly 30th September

Blue 508

Brown 538

Yellow 538


Browns and Yellows were shocked to find the three commendations handed out this week tipped the scores and the two House Teams drew today on 538 points! Commendations were awarded for an excellent presentation and preparation of a show and tell and impressive work on a word solving problem.


Merits: ‘Thoughtfulness’

Our last week of thoughtfulness, but Mr Curl reminded us that just because we aren’t focusing on thoughtfulness, that we should forget to be thoughtful and think of others. Merits were given to pupils this week for offering to help a friend find something in class; helping to pack everyone’s bag on their table without being asked which really helped Mrs Gallagher; thinking of others when working and always being one step ahead to ask the teacher if they need help with anything; selflessly gave others a go on a game; helping a sibling on maths; always being there to offer help; being thoughtful and helpful towards their teacher in a PE lesson and lastly, offering support and advice to others on some programming work after she had finished her own.


Swimming Medals for a Gala at the London Aquatics Centre were also awarded today. All 6 medals went to ONE pupil. Astonishing achievement, well done to our champion swimmer!


National Hand Washing Day

We will be entering a Competition to create own hand puppet! Miss Powell is taking the reins with the challenge to get us thinking about washing our hands and being cleaner, particularly in school. The competition asks us to make a hand puppet, the winner of which, will have their hand puppet produced and will go out to school for their soap dispensers.

So, with that in mind, Miss Powell asks us to “make it interesting. Make it fun. What are we trying to say or remind people?”

As part of the Global Hand Washing Day 2016, we are running a Hand Puppet Competition. All schools can enter by getting the pupils to design their own Hand Washing Champion puppet for the chance to win!


The winner of the Hand Puppet Competition will receive a £100 book voucher. The winning Hand Puppet will be created on a bespoke dispenser which will be supplied to the school free of charge for all of their student washrooms.

Be CREATIVE & have FUN 🙂

The design needs to be on an A4 piece of paper. Submit entries to Miss Powell by Mon 17th October.




To finish our assembly, we heard a gorgeous piece from our Flute Soloist:


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