Good Marks Assembly

House Points

Lots to discuss on the end of our first week back! Mr Curl started this week’s Good Marks Assembly, with House Team Points. Very well done to this week’s readers – with a score of 253 points well done to our BLUE TEAM! Cracking start.


Live Performance

We were then treated to a solo performance from our Year 2 pupil, who played a piece on recorder! Take a listen here:

Recorder Solo

A beautiful performance from our Year 2, a piece played on Recorder, this morning! Well done

Posted by Snaresbrook Prep on Friday, 15 January 2016


Music Certifications

Certificates were then awarded to our musicians – a very big Well Done for achieving certificates for Flute Grade 1, Recorder Grade 2 and Flute Grade 1 with merit amongst others!



Football – ISA London North Tournament

We then heard from Mrs Foster who told the school how the boys football team finished 3rd in their group, at yesterday’s ISA London North Tournament. “A very well deserved outcome for our boys” explained Mrs Foster. “Lots of hard work and brilliant effort from our new members of the team too!”. Well Done boys!

ISA London North 14.1.16

(A photo of part of the team from the tournament)



Mr Curl then moved onto showing the school our website and all the latest News, which you can find here. We looked through some of what happened towards the end of last year, such as the school disco and then moved on to see the Snaresbrook Prep Values.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.44.54


Merit Awards

Then, the most important part… The Merits! Saving the best till last, Mr Curl then asked the teachers who they would like to award their merits to this week. Moving along from our Snaresbrook Prep Values, we are using the themes for our merit awards. For this part of the year we are looking at ‘Learning’. Children who were awarded merits this week were for enthusiasm when working; getting their heads down and getting on really well with their work; an all rounded well done with his approach to learning and a Class Merit awarded to Year 6 as “without fail, everyone is doing well!”. Fantastic start!



Question Time

Mr Curl has given everyone a question for Monday’s assembly, have a think over the weekend and we will have the chance to explain in Monday morning’s assembly:

Q. What have you already learnt this term at school?

Changes To The Menu

And lastly, to finish this week’s assembly, we spoke about the changes to our menu. Our ethos is to be respectful, this applies in all areas and should apply to the respect with give ourselves, in terms of what we fuel our bodies with when we eat. To ensure we are living a more healthier lifestyle, Ms Burgess and the School Council worked together to try make the menus healthy but appeal to different tastes. The council went away and spoke to their peers and came back with suggestions.

Mr Curl thanked the School Council for the new menu changes, then asked who tried the new meals and if people enjoyed the food – many children tried salmon and really enjoyed it! Ms Burgess was “very impressed to see all those hands up. I wasn’t expecting to see salmon a popular choice!”. We’re looking forward to trying the new menu and feeling a bit more healthier this year!


You can view the new school menu here.

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