Good Marks Assembly 27th May

Charity & Challenge Day

Mr Curl started by asking us what was different about today? Non uniform day and charity day was the answer! A brilliant way to end the first half of the Summer term – a sunny, fun filled day of activities and teamwork! 

Mrs Alderson thanked the children for bringing in money for the Dream Factory and hoped they had a fun day in aid of charity.



Years 3 to 6 have been making water bottle rockets and the younger years took part in a selection of challenges including a tin foil boat challenge and dental floss spiders webs! Check Facebook for photos. Mr Hawkins explained to the children that the challenges are “house against house and a main part of the challenges is that it’s about working together as a team – this is a big part of the challenge that will help you to win. The whole day will be about sharing ideas, we’ll then move onto the making. Then the exciting part of doing!”


Mr Curl mentioned that Mr Hawkins had a glint in his eye last night whilst he was testing out his rocket launcher.


House Team Points

Blue 472

Brown 466

Yellow 473

Yellows nipped into first place with a one point difference! Well done to Yellows.


Mr Curl told us how it was the last day of our theme ‘perseverance’. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop persevering in life from now on, but to keep this in mind as we move onto our next value after half term, which will be ‘confidence’.



Merits this week were given for persevering in the following:

1 Reading and writing

2 Handwriting

3 Persevering throughout the whole term

English language. As English is not the language the pupil speaks at home

5 Mr Manning gave his Year 6 pupil a merit for determination, but perseverance being the closest of our values. For her passion for horses – in DT she used recycled materials with a motor to create a moving model. Mr Manning was very impressed.


Meritorious Achievements 

We also had two children with our merit winners, for achieving other great things, outside of school;

One pupil had created a lantern for Wesak, a Buddhist Festival celebrated in May. It took her a few days to make, but it’s very well crafted and looks brilliant!

A medal for a Football Tournament team win – well done to Ilford Colts!


We ended with a prayer; “Thank for half term and all the good things that have happened. The lessons learned. We pray and thank Avril for the work she does for The Dream Factory. And we pray for a good half term, so that we may come back feeling refreshed”.

Merit Award Winners


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