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Good Marks Assembly 27.11.15

This week, our Blues came out on top with 583 House Team points! Lots of merit awards helping to push up our top totals. Merits this week, were awarded to children who had been noticed being kind to their peers, showing a caring attitude and making effort to make new friends. Well done to our 7 merit awardees this week!



Commendations focused more on work and attitude this week, with commendations being awarded for ‘being a good role model to peers in gymnastics’, producing ‘an imaginative and well written story’ and for ‘a consistent and dedicated effort towards learning’. A very big WELL DONE to those who received commendations.


Other certificates that were awarded in today’s Good Marks Assembly were for passing their piano prep test. Along with the annual Maths Challenge. This is called the ‘Primary Mathematics Challenge’ and is run by the Mathematical Association. Mrs Burgess explained to the school that “years 5 and 6 take part in a national maths challenge each year. The questions are very difficult and certainly make you think!” Mrs Burgess also mentioned that the children have done remarkably well and was very proud of their achievements. The children won Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Fantastic achievements children, well done!



The School Council came together to collect their School Council Badges and here they are:


Lastly, Mr Curl asked how the Year 4 Christmas Production was coming along, to which Mr Roberson said “the production is very encouraging and I’m excited to take the children down to the church to practice properly”. Mr Roberson remarked “I think this will be a show stopper”. Can’t wait! Mrs Phillips added that “Year 4 are really going for it, confident singing – really well done!”. Not long now, everyone at school is very excited!

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