Good Marks Assembly 25th September

Well done to another victorious win for our BLUE House Team. Although, a very close follow from Browns and Yellows.

Merits this week were mainly awarded for children’s helpful attitudes. Lots of teachers, this week, had noticed that their students were always helping others (including their teachers!); helping fellow pupils to settle into their new school and helping other’s with their work.

Well done to our little helpers this week – we are really focusing on our theme of being Thoughtful and this is coming across throughout the classrooms, playground and in friendships. A brilliant way to end the week!



We then started on our hymn to finish our assembly, which seemed to be Mrs Williams’ fave… Mrs Phillips asked us to hum the tune to start but Mrs Williams went straight in with the words! An angelic voice rang through the assembly hall, a memory Mr Curl will never let Mrs Williams forget.

We also found out that one of our pupils, Emily, has taken to running into school – how healthy! Mr Curl told us the story of how he saw a little pupil in the Snaresbrook uniform running towards school, not even breaking a sweat… followed shortly (20 minutes or so later) after by dad in his suit, who told Mr Curl he ‘may have to go back home as he was done for the day’! Poor dad, but well done Emily, hopefully dad will catch up soon!



Mrs Alderson mentioned that next week is Harvest Week. So, we will be collecting tins, cans, packets, toiletries – pretty much anything and everything in a packet, for Redbridge Night Shelter. This is a great opportunity to give our cupboards an Autumn clean and give to those who need our help!

We will be collecting every day during assembly through Monday 28th – Friday 2nd and will be sending off everything collected on Friday 2nd October. Any contributions will be of great help and very much appreciated. However, please no fruit, vegetables, opened packets, etc. Please do also check the expiry date!

Let’s do the best we’ve done and help out as many as we can!

Conkers Autumn Harvest

Year 4 Art

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Art from Year 4

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