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Good Marks Assembly 25th Nov

Blue 541

Brown 554

Yellow 549

Merits: Awarded for Friendship & Anti Bullying

Merits were handed out this week for children who showed great friendship towards other children, Mrs Altman said that it had been brought to her attention a few times this week how much of a great friend this particular child had been. Ms Kehoe awarded a merit for a child “who is always an oasis of calm in the tempestuous desert of friendship”. Year 3 showed how they can help out in games. Ms Fourie awarded a merit for a Year 4 student who “is a fantastic example of what a good friend should be”. Year 5 showed examples of a consistent friend who always listens and Year 6 got to choose their merit winner this week… Mr Manning asked everyone to name the person who they think should win the class vote for ‘friendship’.


merit winners prep school


Level 6 gymnastics and two medals awarded for a Music competition, held in Southend!



Switch It Off!

Mr Manning (Year 6 Teacher) had a light bulb moment this week and introduced a one day challenge to the school. ‘Switch It Off’ is a competition in school today where we will be switching off all electrical equipment in order to reduce the amount of electricity we use as a school. Year 6 are running the competition and are going around the school monitoring each class. If a class isn’t doing very well, they will have a light bulb stuck to their door. The class with the fewest light bulb cards means the children can choose their PE lesson for that week. Mr Manning warned everyone to watch out for Year 6 ‘light bulb police’ coming round, they’re on a mission


Walk To School Challenge

If you walked, scooted or biked to school 3 or more times children were awarded a hot chocolate at break time. Well done for taking part! We hope you enjoyed your route to school.




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