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Good Marks Assembly 22.01.16

House Team Points

Results this week:

Blues > 516

Browns > 476

Yellows > 456


Commendations this week were awarded for noticeable improvement in sportsmanship; fantastic progression in swimming and excellent work on fractions. Great work children, lots of hard work and improvements with things you are learning. Great to see everyone trying so hard!


Swim Gala

Snaresbrook took part in Forest School’s Swim Gala on Tuesday 19th Jan. Ten children from Years 4, 5 & 6 swam a few different strokes at the gala and also tackled relay and freestyle relay! Ms Fourie said “the children did really well, as they always do! They really did their best!”. Ms Fourie was really happy with how well they all tried and was proud of their achievements.



Then came time for the merit awards! This week our theme is ‘Learning’ – children who were seen trying hard to learn something new, improving their work on something they have learnt or even just having a go at something different, were awarded a merit. Great effort!

Merits are given to selected children each week, who have shown a distinct effort, good behaviour, kindness or demonstrated what our value is for that period of time, etc. Merits give our children something to aspire to and also keep them motivated to do their best!



SPPA Meeting

Mr Curl explained that the SPPA met last night (Thursday 21st Jan) to make a big decision: will we go on another Whole School Outing?

And the answer is… YES! The SPPA will again be funding our School outing which will happen in the summer term (somewhere around June, dates to come at a later stage)!

Everyone was very excited, Mr Curl said we will have to start thinking of where we want to go…


Will it be a trip to the zoo again?

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