Good Marks Assembly 20.05.16

Blue 552

Brown 592

Yellow 592


The children were very competitive this morning, as Browns and Yellows battled it out in the points race. Mr Curl likened it to a ‘penalty shoot out’, saying how it was very tense to find out the winner. Both Brown & Yellows started on 582 points and with two commendations each, moved up to 592 to finish on a draw! There was a great cheer at their draw and Mr Curl mentioned that there hadn’t been a draw on points in quite some time.



Commendations this were were awarded for a huge improvement in handwriting and presentation of work, demonstrating amazing skills as a poet, paying great attention to detail and for creating an impressive Katie Morag story! Well done to our commendation winners, sounds like lots of improvements and efforts being made!



Continuing with our theme, we linked our merit awards to ‘Perseverance’. Mr Curl explained that perseverance isn’t just about persevering with work and effort in class, but is also about persevering when we have difficult circumstances, problems we need to overcome and friends or family who are being negative, to be persistent in being positive and this will lead to a positive, successful outcome.


An example of being positive in all situations is our thoughts and actions within relationships: there are supposedly four keys to four locks (types of people)…

We cultivate the following attitudes toward the following types of people: friendliness toward the happy; compassion for the unhappy; delight in the virtuous; and equanimity toward the non-virtuous.

Here’s a fantastic quote to take with you this weekend, to keep up those positive vibes!


Choir Practise

We finished this week’s Assembly with a beautiful practise of a song we’ll be singing at one of our Summer Events. Here’s a snippet…


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