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Good Marks Assembly

Ms Fourie welcomed the children into assembly on this bright but cold winters morning!

The marks were read out clearly by three Year 6 children who were excited to hear the final results.

It was a win this week to the BROWN house for all their hard work. Big congratulations were given to all children for their efforts this week.

It was then time to ask staff and children to stand up if they were wearing their school house badge. Points were awarded to the houses that were wearing a badge. It was a win for browns!

Ms Fourie reminded us that we should be wearing our badges every day!

All the teachers from Year 6 down to Year 1 awarded one child in their class a special merit badge for ‘Enjoyment’ – our value of the week.

Teachers spoke about why this badge should be awarded. It was lovely to hear that Ayami always has a smile on her face and thoroughly enjoys school. Isaac was awarded the badge for enjoying his Dance lesson and Charles was awarded the badge for not only his sewing skills in his DT project but the fact that he was enjoying the task and helping others.

Also in his DT lesson, Hal was getting ‘immense enjoyment’ from designing his vehicle. Lily was awarded the badge for her enjoyment to school life.

Finally Year 3 were awarded a class merit for their enjoyment of the ‘crime task’ this week. More details of this on our Facebook page. Click here.


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