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Good Marks Assembly

An assembly full of awards, certificates and recognition today. A wonderful end to the week. Yellow House were the winning team this week just ‘pipping’ Browns by 3 points!

Two of these children received awards for their music ability and one for coming 3rd in 1km charity run!

Many staff gave out ‘Sharing‘ merit badges today with some additional wildcards!
2 children were given out Year 1 ‘wildcards’ for Learning this week – well done to those!
In Year 2 again 2 children worked together in literacy and were given the merit for Sharing.
In Year 3 one child had brought in reading books from home and shared these with others which was lovely and a merit was awarded for this. Sharing knowledge was the feature in Year 4  and sharing ideas with each other and the class in Year 5.
An additional ‘Confidence‘ award was given to a child for great reading out loud in class and then the whole of Year 6 received a ‘Perseverance‘ award for their exam prep up to date.

Great work everyone!

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