Good Marks Assembly 13.11.15

The weeks are flying past and it’s our first Good Marks assembly after our half term break. Everyone seems to have put in lots of hard work as the house team points were huge! Well done to our BROWN team for coming in first with a whopping 550 points! Mr Roberson noted proudly, that children must have shown brilliant behaviour and put in the effort for their first week back to have achieved such high points across the board. Well done also to Yellow and Blue teams for coming up only a few points behind.


Merit awards went out this week for ‘being a good friend to someone new’, ‘being helpful and caring to everyone, especially looking after others in the playground’, a class merit for ‘working through past problems’ and becoming a strong group, ‘being a friend to absolutely everyone in the class’ and for generally being good friends. What a fantastic way to end our week, hearing that we are all working to be more kind and friendly to each other and genuinely showing care for our peers. Very well done!


Commendations this week were awarded for ‘trying hard in all areas’, ‘having a good attitude to work’ (Mr Roberson’s favourite reason) and for ‘creating a branching database’.


Have a fantastic weekend all!

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