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Good Marks Assembly

To begin our Good Marks Assembly, we took the time to listen to Eva “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Mr Curl asked which famous film this was featured in… The Wizard of Oz. But his second quiz of the day… “what was the name of the original book and when was it written?” Much to his amazement, the children guessed that it was indeed ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ which was written in 1900!


Blue 552

Brown 538

Yellow 546


Commendations & Awards

Commendations this week went out for ‘excellent research project history of electricity’, ‘excellent research project Shang dynasty’ and well done to our gymnastics student on reaching Level 5!


World Book Day Week

Thanks to Ms Kehoe for a brilliant week of books, characters, costumes and fun! “I hope we focus on books every week and not just for this week – as books are amazing and will change your life. Keep reading every day! We’ve had such a lovely week, so thank you.” – Ms Kehoe


Merit Awards

Merit this week were awarded for ‘Excellence’. The last week for this theme and value, next week we will be moving onto ‘enjoyment’.





A reminder to all pupils, to return all Merit badges back to Ms Burgess please!


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