Good Marks Assembly 09.09.16

Blue 689

Brown 688

Yellow 686


Commendations this week were awarded for settling into her new school with confidence and listening to instructions and always trying her best! Well done girlies!



We then spoke about our Value for the month, which is ‘Thoughtfulness’ and watched a video Mrs Alderson has put together, to show how we are thoughtful with our friends at school. You can watch the video here.


Merits this week, were awarded for ‘Thoughtfulness’. Children received merits for following Year 1 rules with much thought, being thoughtful towards our teachers by helping clear up after a PE lesson without being asked, helping our peers when they’re stuck on work or need help in class, being thoughtful about things they need to do for the day and when voicing their opinion, being caring towards friends and helping our new teachers settle in well.



We also had a certificate awarded to our Year 6 for the Young Writers Competition! Lots of hard week for our second week of term, we’re off to a great start!
We finished today’s Good Marks Assembly by looking over our website News and Facebook page, to keep up to date with what has been happening around the school. It’s a great opportunity for children to see what their peers are doing in different year groups. You can keep up to date with our social media sites below:

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