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Good Marks Assembly 04.12.15

The first Good Marks assembly of the Christmas season! And it was indeed a time to be jolly, LOTS of commendations this week, we even had a Class Commendation! Wow.


To start off, here are the results for the House Team points, with scores before & after commendations added:

Blue 489 – 514

Brown 505 – 525

Yellow 497 – 507

Mr Curl started today’s assembly with the commendations. He only found one but the children were ahead of him and spotted them in the tree!! How on earth did they get in there? Commendations were given for hard work, good pieces of work produced, a Class commendation for Year 3’s hard work and creativity on their assembly this week. Others were awarded for trying their best and producing fantastic creative writing. Well Done!



Next up, we learned a new hymn for our upcoming Christmas production and then came the merits! Last week on ‘Friendship’, here are the pupils who have shown extra care and friendliness to their peers around school!



To finish our Good Marks assembly, we spoke to Mrs Alderson about her recent accomplishment, what is Olympic Weightlifting and the children had a chance to ask some questions. We also watched a video of Mrs Alderson at her most recent competition – everyone was very proud and excited for Mrs Alderson!



You can watch this clip on YouTube here and here.

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