Good Marks Assembly 02.10.15

Today marks National Smile Day! We started off our assembly this morning, with a song from Sting – ‘Spread A Little Happiness’. Mr Curl took the children back to the first day of term, explaining that he made us all smile at each other. Today he said let’s do even bigger smiles and spread lots of happiness, as it’s National Smile Day!

The children found this hilarious and Mr Curl was delighted to see 160 smiling faces staring back at him. What a way to start a Friday morning.

We then moved onto the House points – WELL DONE to BROWN who have finally knocked the Blues into second place! Yellows, we’ll be cheering you on next Friday.

Our merit awardees were nominated this week for thoughtfulness and positive attitudes, linking in perfectly with Harvest. Mr Curl explained to the children that smiling, doing things for others and being positive and happy, brightens other’s day which in turn, makes many people happier – something we should all try to do every day!

Snaresbrook Prep School Merit Awards

Take a look at our Harvest Collection progress – a FANTASTIC collection this year. Thank you to everyone who donated this year! This will all be delivered to Redbridge Assessment Centre tonight.

Harvest Collections


Wow!! So many donations


Nursery also had their own collection going, which will go with the rest of the donations, this evening.


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