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Good Marks 29.04.16


Blue 706

Brown 705

Yellow 703

A very tight race to the finish line with this week’s Good Marks.

Well done to our Blue team who marched to the top with a one point difference!

Good Marks Assembly



Merits on Friday were awarded for our theme of ‘Perseverance’. The children showed perseverance in their class work, some children made a noticeable effort with their writing and language. Other children worked on their subtraction and spelling, others with their general maths.

Four Year 4 pupils were awarded merits for their hard work and perseverance making an animation. The children designed, drew and created a storyboard and their set backdrops before creating characters and putting everything together to make a short animation. The Year 4’s conquered many challenges and eventually, created funny, very well executed animations. The whole school had a chance to watch the videos in Assembly this morning and we were extremely impressed!

Watch more below:


French Trip

We then heard some stories from France. The Year 4 & 5’s told us all about their snails taste testing, choco story in Bruges and Mr Curl asked for some comments from staff about how the children behaved and what they enjoyed the most. Mrs Williams mentioned how many staff at the places we visited and members of the general public commented on how well behaved the children were, how engaged and interested the staff were with the children and how our children had restored faith in some! Along with some other lovely comments, Mrs Williams said how proud she was of everybody and that the teachers could definitely have enjoyed a few more days with the children in France.



You can watch clips from our French Trip over on YouTube.

We then sang our hymn, ‘Colours of Day’ to finish a very upbeat assembly, full of good news and interesting tales!


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