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Good Marks 23rd Sept

House Team Points

This week, our House Team leaders are the Yellows! Finishing on 547. Well done!

Blue – 536

Brown – 544

Yellow – 547




Merits this week are awarded for ‘thoughtfulness’.



Children displayed thoughtful behaviour towards their peers and teachers. This week, merits were awarded for thoughtfulness in PE; helping a smaller member of the class carry a large box; when finished work, this person asked others if they needed help; selflessness – taking the blame for something they had nothing to do with, in order to help others and for always being thoughtful and caring towards peers.


We then sang a lovely, calming hymn ‘Make Me a Channel of Your Peace’. A beautiful hymn that asks God to give us strength to love, be peaceful, to share and to give.


Linking in with our theme of ‘thoughtfulness’, we watched a short clip on the Brownlee Triathlon. Ms Burgess asked the children to think about what the video showed us. They answered:

  • “Brotherly love”
  • “Looking out for his brother”
  • “He didn’t care if he didn’t win. He wasn’t thinking about winning but looking after his brother”
  • “Putting his brother first”
  • “He wanted to win but he was thoughtful, selfless and couldn’t leave his brother”


Ms Burgess then asked “What happened at the finish line?” the children noticed that after the younger brother had run to the finish line, he made sure to push his brother in front of him, so that he came second in the race.  Ms Burgess then went on to say that “it is important for us to think of those around us, as sometimes people need our help more than we know. Also, putting others before you can often lead to a much greater sense of achievement and wellbeing, as we see how happy it can make someone else.”


We finished with a prayer – “Heavenly Father, please help us to think of others around us, to be kind and thoughtful. Not do something because we want to do it, but to do it for the benefit of others. In your name. Amen”.


“Have a nice calm and productive day. Let’s not get stressed but enjoy our day and do our very best!”



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