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Good Marks 18.11.16

Blue 472

Brown 494

Yellow 476

Cinema Night 

Tonight is our Charity Cinema Night, we will be fundraising for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity. Our Year 6 class made some collection boxes inspired by ‘James & the Giant Peach’.


Commendations this week, were given to pupils for a noticeable improvement in her participation and effort in class since the half-term break; an improved attitude during independent writing and for excellent work on tens and units!


Merits were awarded for friendship & anti bullying, following on from our school value for November and ‘Anti Bullying Week’.

Teachers awarded merits for always looking out for friends; for kindly offering to help a classmate with maths work; showing peers how to organise a piece of work without being asked; always being there for friends and class mates, a great role model; for having a great attitude and always going above and beyond for their friends and lastly, for being considerate for others – looking out for people when they need help.


Global Handwashing Day Competition 

The results are in and the school who won the competition is… Snaresbrook Prep School! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our winner – the design is looking amazing and we will soon have some lovely stickers for our soap dispensers, to remind us to wash our hands! Thank you to all for taking part.



A very happy Miss Powell and our competition winner!

Watch more from our assembly over on YouTube:


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