Germs! A Year 2 Science Lesson

Miss Rimmer teachers Year 2 the importance of germs and washing your hands in her science lesson.



Using a glue/glitter mixture, 4 pupils cover their hands and the rest of the class make their predictions. Which factors will help to clean the pupil’s hands most effectively?

– Cold water
– Cold water & soap
– Warm water
– Warm water & soap

To make it fair, Miss Rimmer timed each hand washing to 20 seconds and uses the same amount of soap for the soap hand washing.



Cold Water Experiment


‘How many squirts of soap to keep it fair?’ “2!”



Soap & Cold Water


Warm water


Oh no, Miss Rimmer is the only one with dirty hands now!


Most clean hands came out with a wash of Warm Water & Soap!

Showing the children how the glitter still sticks to your hands when using just cold water, explains how germs stay on your hands even if you think you’ve washed them well! Using glitter in replace of germs, is a great way for the children to visually experience what your hands look like after washing.

Once the children had conducted their experiment, they wrote down their results and findings.

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