Friday 20th Good Marks Assembly


A record number of commendations this week – the majority of which went to the Brown team! Mr Curl said he had never seen this happen before and was astonished! Well done to our commendation winners. This week some reasons were ‘determined to overcome her fears in gymnastics’, ‘consistently working hard and making great progress ‘ and ‘awesome improvements in gymnastics’. The influx of commendations meant Browns were the winning House Team this week, finishing on 576 points!



Merits were awarded for Friendship, with a focus on Anti Bullying Week. Well done to all our merit winners for being a great friend and supporting their peers.



Below, Year 3 show us their beautifully crafted Roman Mosaic Frames. You may have seen a few weeks ago, Year 3 using a green screen in ICT to transport them into a Roman street scene, this was part of the cross curricular lessons with Mrs Alderson. To start off their Ancient Roman journey, Year 3 learned about Roman times in their History lessons. They then combined this knowledge and dressed up in Roman robes and a real helmet, kindly provided by Mrs Phillips, in order to produce their photographs to go inside their yet to be made, Roman mosaic frames! After the children had captured and edited their photographs using their ICT knowledge of how to create green screen images, then then began to create their mosaic frames in DT.

Click the photo below to enlarge and take a better look…





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