Feeding The 5,000

To start off our assembly, we listened to Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind’ to calm us on this blustery Tuesday morning. Mr Curl asked who had heard the song and knew the name. Not one pupil knew the name and Ms Burgess had to help us out – Mr Curl was shocked that no one knew the name, as normally, the children are very knowledgeable when it comes to music!

Jesus feeding the 5000

Visit From Father Neil Spencer – Woodford Baptist Church

This morning, we were treated to a lovely visit from Mr Neil Spencer, the church Minister of Woodford Baptist Church, who came to speak to us about God. In this morning’s assembly he told us the story of Jacob, who went to meet ‘The Teacher’ and his disciples.



Neil explained that ‘Jacob listened to Jesus’ stories and was so fascinated by them, that he forgot to eat! He overheard a disciple say that everyone is hungry and Jesus should send them home so that they can eat. To which Jesus said “why don’t you feed them?”. The disciple was shocked and confused, but Jacob had a plan’…  This lead on to reveal the tale of feeding of the 5,000 and just how this happened.




The moral of today’s tale was that even though we think we may have too little, or too much, whatever we bring to God, He can bring the best out of it and make much more than we could ever imagine. If we always give our best and give our help to others, we will never be without. When working together and working to our best ability, God will always help us even more.

jesus feeding poor man

We finished our assembly with a prayer from Neil, which you can watch here.


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