Mr Savage joined us for our Monday morning assembly, here to speak about the current leap year!

Mr Savage started the assembly by asking us what was so special about this year? A pupil from Reception noted that this year is the year of the monkey! Mr Savage was very impressed that they remembered, but this was not the answer he was looking for… We then came to realise, this year is a Leap Year!

Mr Savage explained that a leap year occurs every four years to help synchronize the calendar year with the solar year, or the length of time it takes the earth to complete its orbit about the sun, which is about 365¼ days! We then heard that people born on a leap year, are called ‘leaplings’ and we found out that Mrs Mathison and Ms Pin were almost Leaplings!

What else does leap mean?

Mr Savage asked us to get up and jump as high as we could, this is also what ‘leap’ means. “Now that we’re awake, let’s try something else” said Mr Savage, who selected three volunteers to show us how far they can leap:



Our new Theme for this term is our value ‘ENJOYMENT’.

Mr Savage went on to talk about things he enjoys doing. He started by showing us what he enjoys eating for breakfast:

Mr Savage started by ‘eating’ some crisps, he put the crisps into his shoes… He then picked up some toast and toothpaste, putting the two together so he could brush his teeth and eat his breakfast at the same time. Finally, we peeled his banana, put the banana on the toast and the skin on his head!!

The children quickly realised what Mr Savage was doing, wasn’t right and found it highly amusing! Mr Savage explained that using things in the right way makes it much more enjoyable.

“If we throw balls and equipment onto the roof or don’t use it properly, for example, we won’t be able to use the equipment anymore. We all miss out and if we are sensible, we get to enjoy things for much longer!”

Toast and Toothpaste?!

“If we were to use up all the wood, we would have no trees left. If we were to overfish the seas, then we would have no fish left.” We must respect the world we live in and sensibly enjoy what we have access to. Mr Savage then finished with a prayer.


Mr Curl then thanked Mr Savage for coming in to talk to us and went on to remind us that the new value for the rest of the term is ‘Enjoyment’.

We will be thinking of things we enjoy in school and what we do that brings us enjoyment.

More to come in tomorrow’s assembly with Ms Burgess.

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