Day 2 in Shropshire

The children look like they are having so much fun! The sun is shining on them and they making memories that will last forever!

The morning began with Mr Manning and Ms Fourie opening the Year 6 Pharmacy! Soon after, the cries of “infected!” ringing around the camp. To Mr Manning’s relief, it was only a game being played by the pupils!
The morning saw two major challenges overcome by the pupils, with both the high rope and abseil activities taking place before lunch. It was great to see all pupils attempt these activities and the support they received from peers was great to hear. In fact in Mr Manning’s group, a rendition of Sean Mendez “Treat you better” was sung to encourage a pupil to complete their abseil.
The afternoon activities saw the class complete the zip wire activity followed by Ms Fourie’s group generating a great sweat whilst fencing. Mr Manning’s group however, had the luxury of a quick dip in the pool, playing water polo.
After dinner, one group had the opportunity to complete their blind trail, whilst the other group tackled the low ropes.
It was a truly epic day, with children facing and overcoming challenges. As this blog is being written tonight, the children are making the most of having the wooded village to themselves playing “Hide and Seek” and some even venturing on their own mini evening walk!
Tomorrow they hit the waves and there is a disco in the air!!

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