Communication Assembly

Mr Savage came in today to deliver our assembly. He discussed with the children different ways of communicating. The children (and staff!) were amazed at some of the facts!

  • In 1914, in Scotland 2000 messages were put into bottles and into the sea. A bottle was found 98 years later bobbing around!
  • In 2005 84 million letters were sent EVERY day!
  • YouTube has 300 hrs of video uploaded every minute, every day!

Mr Savage asked, are there more people than mobile phones in the world or more mobile phones than people?

Image result for mobile phones or people

ANSWER………….more mobile phones than people…..7.4 billion people and 8.4 billion phones! WOW!

Mr Savage went onto compare the messages we write or send to praying. Praying can be a friendly chat to God.

Jesus taught his people the ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and we said this prayer together today.


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