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Christmas Starts Early at Manor Court Lodge

Year 5 took a trip down to perform for and visit the residents at Manor Court Lodge yesterday.

The children were really looking forward to their mini Christmas concert for the ladies and gentlemen. They started with some carols and then moved on to perform flute, guitar and viola renditions of Christmas songs.

“Very confidently played and a wonderful way to get into the festive mood!” Residents thanked the children when they had a chance to chat at the end. Miss Maskell was so impressed with how engaged in conversation her class were, whilst they enjoyed some juice and biscuits. Miss Maskell received lots of compliments from the residents to say how impressed they were with the quality of the children’s performances and how delightful the children were too.

Mrs Phillips also mentioned that many residents said how well the children were behaved and how polite they were! We’ve even been invited back for a Summer performance!

Really well done to our lovely Year 5 class.


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