Blue Monday Assembly

In this morning’s assembly, Mr Curl reminded us of our Snaresbrook Prep Values. Through this part of term, we will be focussed on ‘Learning’. In Friday’s assembly, Mr Curl asked the children to think of what they have been learning so far this term, this morning we went through the year groups and found out some of the topics we have been learning about.

SPS Values

Year 1 told us that they had been learning about partitioning numbers, old and new toys and adding. Year 3 have been learning about cities and towns and also, fractions! Year 4 also learnt about fractions and decimals, whilst Year 5 had it a bit harder learning about improper fractions, percentages and decimals. Year 6 lessons cover rhetorical questions, multiplying and dividing with fractions.


Mr Curl asked “Do we only learn about school work at school?” to which the children said we “learn about friends and how to be kind and treat others with respect”. We also learn how to be thoughtful, respectful and how to deal with others. A Year 6 pupil mentioned that we all learn in school, not just the children! Mr Curl went on to ask the teachers what they have learned this term, to which Miss Rimmer said she has learned about a new artist, Frank Auerbach, whom she saw at the Tate Britain. Miss Rimmer mentioned that Year 2 might be looking at his work in their art lessons this term!

Frank Auerbach

We then went on to find out that today is the third Monday of the year, which is named ‘Blue Monday’. Today is the day New Years resolutions are forgotten and some might say we can understand Garfield a little more. But not Mr Curl! He got us all up and singing the day’s hymn ‘Praise Him’. After the hymn, we finished the assembly with Year 5’s Cams!A cam is a rotating or sliding piece in a mechanical linkage used especially in transforming rotary motion into linear motion or vice versa. Take a look at the video to see Year 5’s brilliant cams they made in DT! (Click to view).

Click to view Year 5 & their cams.



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