Assembly on ‘Love’

Neil Spencer, of Woodford Baptist Church, visited us this week to tell the story of Sidney and Norman from the Gospel of Luke. The story tells us of friendship, pride and God’s love.

Neil explained that when we listen to God he says “I love you”. Just because you’re you. Even when you make mistakes. Or get full of pride He is still there to love us. Neil asked if we can spread the love of God, simply by loving each other exactly as we are. Although, we must first love ourselves exactly as we are, so that we may love one another exactly as they are and without judgement. 

We finished with a Prayer. “We come today to say thank you God, for loving us exactly as we are. With all the mess, mistakes, pride and selfishness you still love us and always will. We pray that we may look on each other how you look on us. And love each other how you love us, so that we may live together as one”.

Mrs Mathison thanked Neil for his thought provoking assembly and went on to say “that to love ourselves and others is such an important lesson that children need to understand and grown ups must remember. We must try to think about what’s happening on the inside – what’s that person really like and how can I be a good friend?”

You can listen to the full story here:

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