Good Marks 9th Dec

Blue 446

Brown 447

Yellow 459


Merits: ‘friendship’ or ‘sharing’

This week, our merits were awarded to children who showed good friendship skills, or for sharing with their friends. Teachers will keep note of commendable behaviour throughout the week and children are then selected to win the merit badge for that week.

Merits went out to children who “always offer their resources and always shares with everybody in class”, “this student brings in special pens to use and will always happily share”, “this child is always one step ahead of me, asking if they can help or doing things for other people”, “for always being a good friend to everyone in the class” and “this child stayed behind after dress rehearsal to help fold and wait for another child who had taken a little longer to get ready. She showed great friendship and how sharing jobs makes everything easier!”

Preparatory School Children in Assembly

Well done all!


To finish off our Good Marks Assembly, Year 5 performed a short drama on ‘Christmas Hacks’ – tips on what not to do if you get a present you don’t like, or even worse when Granny goes in for the kiss… Hilarious!

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