Monday Morning Assembly 27th June

Shropshire Memories

Mr Curl asked Ms Fourie and Mrs Alderson if they could give us some memories, quotes or an overview of their time in Shropshire. Ms Fourie explained that ‘the children all had a great time. Well behaved and had so much fun – I was very, very proud of all of them.” One Year 6 child mentioned a funny memory, “only one of us fell in when we were kayaking but nobody fell in the canoeing”. Unfortunately, the name of the student wasn’t revealed…

We then watched some brilliant videos from their boat rides…

We all enjoyed watching the children canoeing – some children rowed into the trees and a couple fell off their boats. It really made us laugh, but looked like great fun!

Ms Fourie added “the most challenging activity was the high ropes. They have a brand new double layered structure and it’s even higher. I felt so scared and when I was up there, my legs turned to jelly. Some spider monkeys on the high ropes were following so quickly behind me and made it look easy!!”



International olympics day 23rd June

As Olympics and Paralympic Games are all about teamwork, having fun and playing some new sports together, Ms Fourie highlighted the fact that for these couple of weeks, we will just do our very best. “The games are not about winning, it is about doing our best and this is the core of the next two weeks” – Ms Fourie

The games will be split over 6 groups and each will have 3 lessons a week with their ‘Manager’ (different teacher for this week). We will be learning lots about Olympics history, making flags and lots of other fun activities!


Wednesday will be the opening ceremony.

Teams were split into the following countries; China, South Korea, USA, U.K., Germany. Let’s see who will come out on top in the Snaresbrook Prep Olympics and Paralympics starting this week!

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