School Outings

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    Young Voices 2016

    It’s that time again – Young Voices!

    The Upper School Choir heads over to the O2 to sing their hearts out in this year’s Young Voices concert.

    The children were extremely excited this morning and couldn’t wait to see their seats. Brilliant spots by the looks of it!!

    More photos to come later…






    Gotta have a Young Voices Selfie!






  • Year 2’s Trip to the Ecology Centre

    Year 2 took a trip to Holland Park Ecology Centre Wednesday, where they learnt all about different creepy crawlies.

    Miss Rimmer explains “Once we knew what we were looking for we walked to the discovery area. On our way we saw different plants that we learnt about such as nettles, brambles and holly we also spotted several squirrels. In the discovery area half the class went to the forest to find bugs and half went pond dipping then we switched. In the forest we found creatures such as woodlice, earthworms, spiders, springtails and beetles. During the pond dipping we were lucky enough to find newt nymphs, dragonfly larvae, water boatmen and leaches!”

    After the pond dipping and forest searching they went to the peaceful Japanese Zen Garden where they saw peacocks, koi and some more very friendly squirrels.


    “Overall we had a great day and loved getting our hands dirty!!” – Miss Rimmer

    Sounds like a brilliant day – lots of hands on learning, brilliant to help children visualise what they learn during school.

    Japanese Zen Garden Holland Park

    Click if you’d like to see more photos from the trip; Facebook


  • London Zoo – Year 3

    With great excitement for the day ahead, we made our way to South Woodford Underground Station for the long journey to London Zoo. We all arrived at the zoo and started our zoo experience at the Zoo Lab where we touched a corn snake and had to measure, weigh, describe and discuss the teeth of interesting animal skulls. Who knew the horns on a Giraffe is part of the skull and bone…?

    news_london_zoo_2 news_london_zoo_3 news_london_zoo_4 news_london_zoo_5

    We then started our journey around the zoo making our way ‘Into Africa’. Here we saw the Pygmy Hippo ‘Nicky’, fast asleep and not at all concerned with noisy children fussing over him. We then visited the Giraffes and were lucky enough to see one feeding, black tongue curling around the branches only a few feet away! The Okapi snacked away at a cabbage hung from the tree, then we saw warthogs, wild dogs and not forgetting the infamous zebra.

    news_london_zoo_6 news_london_zoo_7

    Next, we visited the brand new Lemur enclosure, FANTASTIC!! They might be a wild animal but were clearly well use to people and just sat around showing off enjoying the sunshine. The otters were almost recruited for our netball team with the amazing skills they showed with the little stones they flicked on their bellies.


    From the meerkats on the look out and taking on the ‘venomous’ snake (also known as a rubber snake) during their show, to ferrets and owls flying over our heads, snakes slithering and brightly coloured frogs, our experience was coming to an end in the Reptile House. A memorable day filled with unforgettable learning experiences and great fun!

    – Ms Fourie


  • Paradise Wildlife Park – Nursery

    We went to Paradise Wildlife Park, it was a lovely sunny day. We went on a coach and our driver’s name was Clive.
    We saw lots of animals…Tiger, White lion, penguins a zebra and lots more. A nice man called Johnny talked to us about animals, he let us touch a snake, a bearded dragon and a Manatee! The Manatee is very, very small and Johnny told us that it is related to the elephant which is very, very big!


    We had our lunch and a tiger looked at us through the window! Then we played on the grass and on the rides. It was fun.

     news_paradise_wildlife_park_3 news_paradise_wildlife_park_5 news_paradise_wildlife_park_4

    On the way back from our trip, we were all very tired but it was a lovely fun day.

    – Mrs Milton

  • London Aquarium Year 2 & 4


    Years 2 and 4 had a great day out at London Aquarium. As we walked in, the first hurdle was to walk (or tiptoe) over a tank of sharks! As we wandered around the Aquarium, we got to see a wide array of different creatures from jellyfish that changed colour to poisonous dart frogs. Everyone had a go touching the starfish at the rock pool exhibit and we learnt that starfish have 5 eyes! We had our lunch in Jubilee Gardens on the South Bank and got to listen to music from different performers. After that we headed back to school for a much needed ice-lolly to help us cool down. Thank you to the PA for a great trip!

    – Ms Burgess and Miss Rimmer

    news_london_aquarium_5 news_london_aquarium_4 news_london_aquarium_3

  • Sensational Butterflies Reception

    Reception went to the Sensational Butterflies exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

    The children were very excited to see all the butterflies flying around! We saw so many different sized chrysalises and the butterflies had beautifully coloured and patterned wings. Some of the butterflies landed on the children’s heads, shoulders, legs and backs. This was both thrilling and startling for the children! We also saw some amazing dinosaur skeletons and had a talk about a turtle from Lyme Regis! This was a wonderful experience that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

    – Mrs Butcher

    news_sensational_butterflies_reception_2 news_sensational_butterflies_reception_5 news_sensational_butterflies_reception_4 news_sensational_butterflies_reception_3

  • Tate Modern and The Globe – Year 5 & 6

    Thursday was a great day for our outing! How lucky we were with the weather!


    Walking from London Bridge, we passed Borough Market – ooh, the smells! Southwark Cathedral – what a majestic place of worship. And finally, we made our way to the Tate Modern Gallery. Each class chose different points of interest to look at: Mondrian amongst others, was very popular. Year 5 enjoyed the Surrealists room. Some children want to come back again to look at the famous ‘Pop Art’ collection. 

    news_tate_and_globe_3 news_tate_and_globe_4

    After a quick lunch in the Turbine room, we made our way in the glorious sunshine to the New Globe Theatre. Our acting instructor, Tom, played some warm-up games and we discussed the history and features of the surrounding Globe. We then focused on the status of characters and who they were in ‘The Tempest’. Discussing the feelings of the characters and discussing our reactions to a character’s status really brought the characters to life.

    news_tate_and_globe_5 news_tate_and_globe_6 news_tate_and_globe_7

    This was definitely a trip we would recommend to other children and teachers.

    – Mr Roberson & Mrs Williams