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    Shropshire Year 6 Residential Trip Day 2


    Mrs Alderson gives us yesterday’s Trip Update:

    “Well today so far we have had rafting, obstacle course and archery. After tea we will be doing climbing and rifle shooting! Raft building is hilariously good fun – the children spend time learning about rafts and knots and are then taken down to the pond to put their skills into practise. They make a raft TOGETHER (great teamwork guys!) and then float it on the pond and set sail far and wide (well across the other side of the pond really!)”.

    “One group made such a good raft it didn’t fall apart. I’ve previously seen them fall apart as soon as they are set on the water! Well done to all the rafters today!”

    “Tomorrow we have high ropes which is a firm favourite on the new high ropes course! Also water polo and to end the day we have a D I S C O!!!!!! Woo hoo!! Its all fun, fun, fun.

    Oh yes, the 3 girls who were up at 5.30am brushing their teeth could hardly keep their eyes open earlier. Predictably they are all now fast asleep in bed!”






    Prep School Residential Trip

    ‘Blind’ Obstable Course



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    Shropshire Year 6 Residential Trip Day 1

    Year 6 departed school yesterday morning on this year’s Residential to Shropshire!

    They’ve certainly not wasted any time and have go stuck in to their challenges. Today a few children were even up at 5.30am brushing teeth and raring to go.

    Ms Fourie said last night, “They had great fun getting soaked in mud from top to bottom. I can thankfully report that they are now clean and all tucked up in bed, enjoying their first nights sleep in a real cabin!!”

    Here’s what they’ve been up to so far…








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    Keeping it Local – Litter Picking

    Wildlife Club

    Our Year 3 and 5’s in Wildlife Club, are on a mission to become more eco friendly this term. On Monday, the children went out on a litter picking mission to clear up their streets! They put on their gloves and hit the streets with an enthusiasm Mrs Mathison was shocked and impressed by!






    The children were utterly shocked to see so much rubbish in just a small area – we walked down Woodford Road and round the block, back to school. The children found lots of general litter and were completely horrified as to how many cigarette butts they found! “This is disgusting!” gasped one of our Year 5’s pointing to an array of cigarettes next to a bin.

    Litter picking may seem like an awful task, but the children were extremely optimistic to get out and clean their local neighbourhood. They felt very proud to be helping their local community and remarked that throwing rubbish on the floor really is a terrible habit we all need to quit!

    Organisations such as Keep Britain Tidy and Litter Action are working towards a cleaner planet and with a little of our time and effort spent helping, we really could help them to make a really big difference!


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    Year 1 Science Lesson


    Year 1 took a stroll outside today, to have a look at some flowers in their neighbourhood. The children saw daisies, tulips, roses, holly bushes, trees and much more.

    Mrs Altman was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and their ability to recognise different types of plants.

    road safety prep school

    The children safely cross the road using their awareness of road safety and knowledge of the pelican crossing




    Year 1 scoured the grassy area in signs of some flowers. They recognised the trees and bushes, daisies, dandelions and also found some rocks, bugs and twigs… Not exactly what Mrs Altman was looking for!



    Mrs Altman asked the children to describe and name what they had found on their little outing. The children were quick to answer and knew many different species of plants. They then walked around to some local neighbours to see if they could distinguish some different types of plants that don’t always grow in the wild!






    Well done Year 1, fantastic knowledge! I think we may have some gardeners and horticulturists in years to come!


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  • Activities For Easter Holiday

    Living in London means there’s never a shortage of things to do, or events going on! Here are some cheap, fun and interesting days out for you and the children to finish the last week of your Easter holiday.

    For Those Rainy Days


    The London Transport Museum is filled with interesting facts, vehicles and there is an exciting new play zone designed for children aged 0 to 7 years and including the Baby DLR! This is where kids can get into the driving seat of a real bus, they can repair a mini Tube train, play in the ‘Lost Property’ office, sail the Thames Nipper, serve folks in the Nipper cafe and much more!

    The Grant Museum of Zoology is an old fashioned museum packed with specimens, some of which are curious and bizarre. The museum gives children the chance to explore history, science and is great for children (and adults) with an interest in all types of animals.

    museum of transport

    Themed Tours

    Love all things Harry Potter? Join the Harry Potter London Bus Tour for a magical adventure where you can visit original film sets, view famous landmarks around London and take a day out of Mugglesville and into the world of Witches and Wizardry!

    Take a tour around Shrek’s Adventure in London’s South Bank! The tour includes a unique walk and ride attraction for the whole family, the wonderfully immersive kingdom of Far Far Away and enjoy a thrilling madcap Shrek adventure with rides, donkey’s storytelling, animation and special effects! “It’s an amazing visit for kids of all ages – and grown ups love it too!”


    For A Sunnier Afternoon


    A walk around our local canals, forests and lakes give parents a chance to unwind and children a chance to play in nature! We’re very fortunate to live in East London, where we have many chances to spend time in nature and easy access to such beautiful locations. Here’s a top pick of local parks, canals and forest walks:

    Hollow Ponds

    Epping Forest

    Hollow Ponds

    Hackney Marsh Canals

    Connaught Waters

    Wanstead Park

    Victoria Park

    canal walk


    Farm Visits

    Farms are always a brilliant visit, a chance to meet some animals and learn a bit more about our agricultural systems in England. Hackney City Farm is easy to get to on public transport (via the Central Line), they offer pottery workshops, children’s workshops and educational activities, voluntary work and sponsoring an animal!

    hackney city farm

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    Good Marks Assembly


    Following on with our Values, this week’s assembly is all about Enjoyment and what we do at school that we really enjoy. Enjoying what you do leads to great progression, achievements and also a happy, positive state of mind.


    St Patrick’s day

    Mr Curl started our assembly by wishing everyone a Happy St Patrick’s Day for yesterday and asked who had Irish heritage in our school. A few pupils and teachers! We then watched a video on how St Patrick’s Day came to be, the children loved the little animated video.


    Happy birthday Mrs Phillips!

    Mrs Phillips had her birthday yesterday, so right before our hymn, we all sang Happy Birthday and had a little dance!

    happy birthday


    Good marks

    Blue 631

    Brown 624

    Yellow 656

    Well done to our Yellows this week who finished on a brilliant 656 points! Lots of hard work, good behaviour and positive attitudes!



    Commendations were awarded for working hard at staying focused on her work, for writing an excellent magical adventure story, for an excellent work ethic, for writing a very neat letter to a mayor and for excellent organisation of Google Doc files.


    Merit Awards:


    Merits awarded for enjoyment showed in learning – the pupil made a slideshow with learning objectives and informative slides about Michael Jackson, enjoying all levels of school and work, for running a 5KM race for charity!

    Merit Awards Prep School

    Sports certificates

    Year 1 & 2 Football game

    The boys competed for very first time in their brand new kit. The children played on adult pitches in Barnet! The boys weren’t fazed by the competition and won their first game 6-0! Although they lost a couple games, they won their last game of the day and came fourth in their group!

    Mrs Foster said Mr Foster “had a fabulous time, even though he was very tired but it was well worth it. Hopefully we will do it again next year!”

    Infants Prep School Football Team

    Mrs Foster and the Year 1 & 2 Football Team

    Juniors Tournament

    Our junior Football Team played at Woodford Green Prep School on Wednesday. Mrs Foster said the boys played  terrifically and were extremely impressed with one of their new team players, for his progress and how well he has integrated into the team! Coming late into the team is hard work, but he has played so well and is a real asset to the football team!

    Independent Prep School Football Team

    Mrs Foster standing proud with her Year 6 Football Boys

    Snaresbrook Prep Junior Football Team

    The boys with their proud coach, Mr Foster!

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    Young Voices – Ms FitzGerald Gives Us The Gossip

    “Tuesday 26th January, after many weeks of rehearsing, the upper school choir once again headed to the O2 to sing in the UK’s largest ever choir! 7000 children came together for a day of music, dancing, lights and beat boxing!

    After a long 3 hour rehearsal and a break for some much needed fuel, the choir were ready and armed with their mini torches for what turned out to be a totally fantastic evening of singing and entertainment. 

    In between choir items we were treated to performances from Urban Strides (street dance), Laura Wright (singer) and the Beat Box collective. And it’s not very often that you get to hear over 7000 children AND their parents beatbox at the O2!! 

    The choir were fabulous throughout the day and evening and a real credit to Snaresbrook Prep School. Mrs Williams, Mr Hawkins, Mrs Barrett and Miss Rimmer were noted for their fabulous dancing and did us proud.”

    Ms FitzGerald, Music Teacher












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    Good Marks Assembly

    We started off today’s Good Marks Assembly listening to ‘4:33’ by John Cage. Mr Roberson told us in Monday’s assembly about John Cage and how he sat at his piano for 4 minutes 33 seconds and didn’t do anything, but unintentionally made a song of silence called ‘4:33’!


    Storm Gertrude

    Mr Curl explained that Storm Jonas has now passed us, but we’re onto Storm Gertrude. “If you hear or feel the strong winds today, that will be Gertrude” explained Mr Curl.



    Good Marks

    A very big well done to our Brown team, in the lead with a mere 7 points!!

    BLUE 484

    BROWN 491

    YELLOW 478


    Mr Curl thanked his Year 6 readers and noted to a pupil that he “read very well – clear, loud and confident. You actually sounded like a teacher, have you ever thought of becoming a teacher?”. To which the pupil said “no.” Everyone found it hilarious!  As we had no commendations this week – which is the usual running joke, but this time there actually none! The Blue team noticed some yellow pieces of paper on the piano and signalled to Mr Curl that he had missed them. “Good try blues but that won’t work! It’s not commendations, it’s Mrs Phillips music book!” The Blues had unfortunately mistaken Mrs Phillips music book for the yellow commendation certificates that are normally hidden around the hall.


    We then had a look through some of the fantastic photos from the O2 and had a giggle at some silly photos – what a brilliant experience Young Voices is and we’re very lucky to be invited! We’re very much looking forward to next year’s!




    Lastly, well done to our merit winners for excellent behaviour, trying really hard to learn new things and being generally helpful around school. Well done!