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    Shropshire: Day 3

    The moment the Year 6’s have been waiting for… the high ropes!
    It certainly takes some confidence to get up there and balance across the wires. Our Year 6’s have done extremely well and are loving the challenges.
    Water Polo in the pool to cool down and some rock climbing this morning.
    Update from Mrs Alderson over on the Holiday Blog:
    “The first activities this morning were high ropes and climbing. After break and later this afternoon the children will be playing water polo. They are really enjoying themselves and its great to see their confidence grow day by day as they challenge themselves in a safe and secure environment.
    Good evening everyone! The children are all at the DISCO and we’re having a well deserved hour to ourselves! We promised them we wouldn’t take the iPad and video their dance moves! They are all so happy, relaxed and enjoying themselves; and we are too!
    This afternoon one group did crate stacking and the others did the blind trail. Both great activities which they will remember forever.”File_000

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    Shropshire Year 6 Residential Trip Day 2


    Mrs Alderson gives us yesterday’s Trip Update:

    “Well today so far we have had rafting, obstacle course and archery. After tea we will be doing climbing and rifle shooting! Raft building is hilariously good fun – the children spend time learning about rafts and knots and are then taken down to the pond to put their skills into practise. They make a raft TOGETHER (great teamwork guys!) and then float it on the pond and set sail far and wide (well across the other side of the pond really!)”.

    “One group made such a good raft it didn’t fall apart. I’ve previously seen them fall apart as soon as they are set on the water! Well done to all the rafters today!”

    “Tomorrow we have high ropes which is a firm favourite on the new high ropes course! Also water polo and to end the day we have a D I S C O!!!!!! Woo hoo!! Its all fun, fun, fun.

    Oh yes, the 3 girls who were up at 5.30am brushing their teeth could hardly keep their eyes open earlier. Predictably they are all now fast asleep in bed!”






    Prep School Residential Trip

    ‘Blind’ Obstable Course



    More photos over on:

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    Shropshire Year 6 Residential Trip Day 1

    Year 6 departed school yesterday morning on this year’s Residential to Shropshire!

    They’ve certainly not wasted any time and have go stuck in to their challenges. Today a few children were even up at 5.30am brushing teeth and raring to go.

    Ms Fourie said last night, “They had great fun getting soaked in mud from top to bottom. I can thankfully report that they are now clean and all tucked up in bed, enjoying their first nights sleep in a real cabin!!”

    Here’s what they’ve been up to so far…








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  • Shropshire – Year 6

    Yet another uneventful journey for Year 6! Mrs Phillips certainly has taught the children many memorable songs – the coach driver seemed to enjoy them.

    When we arrived we took part in a fire drill and unpacked quickly; then it was straight into the first activity….’Initiative Skills’. This was thoroughly enjoyable and the children even taught the instructors some new riddles! Ask them about these when they get back.

    Evening meal…so much choice! And with full tummies, we tackled the High Ropes course, or Orienteering. Some of us set challenging paces 30ft in the air – some of us over coming fears; whilst some of us raced around the site for 90 minutes using maps in search of clues.

    We also had the opportunity to play several innings of rounders; football and skipping. Lots of laughs have been had and a fantastic display of our team spirit has been DEMONSTRATED. The instructors have already commented on this!

    After first writing and showers, it was time for bed….. apparently.
    Demetri said, “Shropshire is definitely the best trip, ever!”
    Oliver, “I am having such a cool time!”
    Charis, “I can’t wait for tomorrow!”


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