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    Room Sharing

    It’s ‘Open Rooms’ today in Nursery & Reception!

    At 2pm, it’s doors open and we’re allowed to visit our friends in Reception and Nursery, play with different toys, dress up in the Nursery and see our favourite teachers in different classrooms.

    ‘Open Rooms’ is a great idea whereby the children can use the entire EYFS unit and explore new toys; spend time with different members of staff and other pupils; allows the children the freedom to choose what activity they would like to participate in; and strengthens the Early Years Community, allowing the children to feel safe and comfortable with each other.

    Today we played with some new costumes, we chatted with different friends, we spent time in a different environment and had a chance to play!

    prep school play time

    Nursery Prep School

    What have we made today?


    Nursery and Reception Preparatory School

    Today we saw our friends in Reception!




    Allowing the children time to play improves social skills; such as sharing and taking turns, politeness, respect for our peers, becoming more sociable in groups and allows the children to grow independently and with confidence.

    Creative play also helps our pupils to use their imagination, gain new skills in activities they enjoy such as drawing or painting. Play time and ‘Open Rooms’ also gives the children a chance to relax and explore!

    Reception Children

    We made some beautiful drawings in the Reception classroom



    Pre Prep School

    “We love the Nursery costumes!!”

    Nursery Pre Prep

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    Teeny Tiny Violins

    Snaresbrook has received a generous donation of three tiny violins from Mr Curl’s mother! Mrs Curl used to be Head of Canterbury Music Centre and also, Head of Strings for East Kent. As she is now retired she thought it might be a nice idea for Snaresbrook children to make use of the adorable violins. The tiny violins we have acquired are still in beautiful condition after many years of use. They are worth several hundred of pounds and Mr Curl has suggested it would be good for Nursery and Reception classes to make use of them.


    The violins are very small in comparison to normal violins, making them perfect for our dainty Nursery and Reception children – Nursery got to try them out first! Also, the children do look very sweet trying out a violin at such a young age. Mr Curl was delighted to see the children using the violins, as he used to play as a child, although doesn’t think he played these specific ones!

    Violin lessons normally start in Year 2 or 3 as the children are more able to hold the violin and read the music steadily. Having the smaller violins might prove to be a good way of slowly introducing the children to musical instruments and how to handle violins in particular. Mrs Phillips is very excited to build up the music at school, with lots of brilliant ideas for the future. We now have an orchestra that meets every Wednesday and upper and lower school choirs. Many more instruments such as guitar and ukulele are being taught at school and we hope to to expand and develop music even further in the School. Music is thriving and booming at Snaresbrook!



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