Extra Curricular Activities

  • Wildlife Club – ‘Save Our Hedgehogs’ Campaign

    • Wildlife Club

    As part of Wildlife Club’s Action Awards, the children have put together a campaign to make our school aware of the decline in British Wildlife, in particular our prickly hedgehog friends!


    Wildlife Club are now campaigning to help increase the hedgehog population, which has seen a decline in numbers over the past few years. As part of the campaign, the children have researched, investigated, created posters and leaflets and are now putting together a short film to hopefully reach out to the hearts of their viewers and hopefully make a change.




    “The children absolutely love getting to know more about British Wildlife and are so engaged in the activities. They really hope to make a difference!” Says Mrs Rosie Mathison, lead of Wildlife Club.

    More photos over on Facebook:

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    Year 3 Show Us Their Moves – Monday’s Assembly

    We started this morning off with a punchy performance from our Street Dance Crew! The Year 3 Street dancers learned three new dances throughout this term and this morning we had front row seats to their show. The children performed with confidence, remembered their moves really well and even gave us a bit of attitude. Great stuff guys!

    Street Dance is a new Extra Curricular Activity, it’s not something we have tried before but Mrs Douglass wanted to put something new on the ECA Menu – the children have responded really well and really look forward to their club. “Within the first 5 minutes of their very first lesson they had already memorised all the dance moves for a short song, so I thought we were off to a great start! The kids have shown real enthusiasm and passion, actually. I’m very impressed their progress and love the attitude they bring, it’s fun for all of us!” – Mrs Douglass.

    From a strong dance community in our Year 3 class, to friendships. A new month means a new School Value, throughout November, we will be looking at ‘Friendship’ and anti bullying, to tie in with ‘Anti Bullying Week’ 31st Oct – 30th Nov 2016.

    Mrs Alderson made us another video to help us understand what friendship is and how we show good attitudes and behaviour towards our friends. Throughout this month’s assemblies, we will be looking into ‘what makes a good friend’, ‘how to deal with bullying’ and will discuss what ‘friendship’ means to us.

    Mr Curl finished with a prayer “Dear Lord we want to thank you for half term and the time we’ve spent with our friends and families. Another fun term has just begun, with lots going on this term, we are looking forward to working up to the exciting things we have planned for Christmas term. Although there are lots of fun things happening, we pray that we will work hard in everything we do, we will look after our friends and treat people as we would like to be treated. Amen.”


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    Wildlife Club – Bird Watching

    Year 2 and 3 took a trip around to a local park to see what birds they could spot. Wildlife Club are taking part in the RSPB Wildlife Action Awards and must complete either 6, 8 or 10 hours worth of activities in order to receive a bronze, silver or gold action award.

    prep school children bird watching

    “I can see a nest!”

    The children took an almost silent walk around the local neighbourhood to see what birds they could spot. Mrs Mathison asked them to be as silent as possible and explained that “birds are fearful creatures who are expecting peace and quiet, so we must be just as quiet if we hope to spot any birds!”

    prep school private education

    “Where can you see a pigeon? Can you point to it?”

    Along the way, we spotted many wood pigeons, a few crows and rooks, a handful of seagulls and one HAWK… Although we’re not sure about that one. We’re well on our way to achieving a Bronze award, keep up with our journey here or on Facebook!

    Snaresbrook Prep School wildlife Extra curricular activity

    “We must be silent, so that we don’t scare the birds!”

    If you want to take part at home, follow the link to the RSPB website for more info.


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    Relaxation Club

    Which ways do you relax?

    Ms Burgess started last week’s relaxation club by seeing the ways in which our children choose to relax. Some children answered that they like to “read”, “ride my bike or scooter”, “I like to watch tele”, “I go home and have a sleep”, “I like to think about the good things that have happened in my day”. Others said that they relax “by playing football”, “I put on pjs and sit down when I get in” and some children said that they like to play with their siblings.


    Why is it important to relax?

    Ms Burgess then spoke to us about why it is important to relax and what we can gain from having a calm mind, a relaxed body and a better sense of wellbeing. We spoke about the ways in which we feel relaxed and began the introduction of ways and techniques to help us relax and take care of ourselves.

    In this week’s Wellbeing Assembly, we looked at a beach scene whilst listening to some calming, soothing music. Ms Burgess asked us to watch the scenery, or close our eyes and listen to the calming sounds. We sat for a few minutes in silence, taking in the peacefulness. Afterwards, we discussed what it made us feel and how we can keep those feelings with us when we aren’t feeling our best. Ms Burgess spoke to us about how living in the now helps us to deal with stress, as we’re not thinking about what could happen, what we need to do, what we should have done… But accepting where we are right now.


    Ms Burgess finished with a prayer, “Thank you Lord, that we can be together and learn, that we are able to think about being grateful for what we have. Help us to take time to think about what is happening in that moment. Allow us to make time to rest and relax, spend and enjoy time with our families. Help us to learn and do the best we can do today! Amen”.

    We finished the assembly with Eva Cassidy’s ‘Over The Rainbow’ and lastly, Happy Birthday.

    We’ve had lots of birthday’s this week – a very “Happy Birthday!” to Mrs Milton, Mrs Foster, Mrs Colburn & Mr Curl, we hope you all have a lovely day.


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    “Health isn’t just exercise and diet, it’s your mental attitude too!”

    Snaresbrook Prep launched a brand new ‘Wellbeing Scheme’ in today’s Assembly, which introduces ways in which the children deal with stress and emotions, techniques to help relax and calm the mind, figuring out emotions and understanding that caring for yourself before others is necessary, not selfish.

    Ms Burgess, Deputy Head, has kick started the scheme with ‘Relaxation Club’, wellbeing discussions during weekly PSHEE lessons and monthly Wellbeing assemblies. Miss Allan is assisting her and has been diffusing some wonderful scents to create a calming atmosphere, “smells are highly emotive and the children really enjoy figuring out what we’ve used”. The scheme is to roll out across the school to encompass all classes and pupils, as well as staff. “We hope that with a calm and relaxed mindset, we can truly do our best as a school and also, enjoy the work we put in, rather than leaving stressed” – Ms Burgess.

    Some benefits the relaxation techniques used at Snaresbrook Prep include;

    • Improved concentration and energy levels
    • Recharged immune system
    • Reduced stress and anxiety
    • Clarity and calmness which in turn creates healthy sleep patterns
    • Encourages creativity, self expression and self confidence

    Linking in with the School’s Values, Ms Burgess hopes that the children will really feel the benefits of the scheme, learn lots about themselves emotionally and mentally, as well as take some techniques away with them to use in everyday life and hopefully, into adulthood!



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    Keeping it Local – Litter Picking

    Wildlife Club

    Our Year 3 and 5’s in Wildlife Club, are on a mission to become more eco friendly this term. On Monday, the children went out on a litter picking mission to clear up their streets! They put on their gloves and hit the streets with an enthusiasm Mrs Mathison was shocked and impressed by!






    The children were utterly shocked to see so much rubbish in just a small area – we walked down Woodford Road and round the block, back to school. The children found lots of general litter and were completely horrified as to how many cigarette butts they found! “This is disgusting!” gasped one of our Year 5’s pointing to an array of cigarettes next to a bin.

    Litter picking may seem like an awful task, but the children were extremely optimistic to get out and clean their local neighbourhood. They felt very proud to be helping their local community and remarked that throwing rubbish on the floor really is a terrible habit we all need to quit!

    Organisations such as Keep Britain Tidy and Litter Action are working towards a cleaner planet and with a little of our time and effort spent helping, we really could help them to make a really big difference!


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  • Wildlife Club

    What is Wildlife Club?

    Last week marked the start of Wildlife Club! Run by Mrs Mathison, Mrs Altman and Ms Allan on a Monday at 3:30 – 4:15pm for Years 3 & 5. The club is geared to teach our pupils about the wildlife that surrounds them and also enables the children to complete tasks to work towards achieving a Bronze in the RSPB Wildlife Action Awards!


    What’s Involved in Wildlife Club?

    Finding Out What’s Out There

    Throughout the Summer Term, we hope to teach our Year 3 and 5s what insects, birds, plants and all other creatures roam and grow locally. The children started last week by using pooters to collects insects from the green across the road. We are planning to take short walks around our neighbourhood to see what plants grow naturally and what’s been planted, birdwatch, find mini beasts and hopefully learn new ways in which we can help the environment.




    Helping Wildlife

    Helping our wildlife is crucial to keep our flora and fauna in balance. The children will be making leaf piles, log piles, bird boxes, twig bundles, bumblebee pots, bird feeders, learn how to plant some flowers and trees and hopefully we might even get the chance to create a small wildlife garden in our playground!


    Being Environmentally Friendly

    What does it mean to be environmentally friendly? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be learning throughout our Wildlife Action Awards. We already have certain days that we bike, bus or walk to school, but we want to try get everyone involved! Reducing, reusing and recycling are also key points we will be looking at around school – how can we increase our recycling and reuse of materials at Snaresbrook Prep? We will also be clearing up litter – litter around school, litter in our local areas and rubbish we find in areas meant to be for wildlife. All kinds of injuries are caused to wildlife by rubbish that people carelessly leave around, we hope to reduce the problems wildlife experiences doing something as simple as litter collecting.



    Spread The Word

    Then comes the creative part – spreading the word and putting our thoughts, passions and reasons out as to why we need to focus on ways to help our wildlife and environments to thrive. We’ll be trying out poetry, maybe putting on a show or assembly, making displays, hopefully getting in the news or local press and there are even plans to write to our MP! Charity work and involving our friends and family is also on the cards, we hope to create a vibrant community in which we can all work as a team to support our local surroundings, starting with Snaresbrook Prep!

    More updates from our club next week!

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  • Survival Skills

    Mrs Alderson & Mrs Williams’ brainchild, ‘Survival Skills’ club is in full swing now. The children have been learning the basics and are now fully fledged carpenters… pretty much!

    Catch up on their latest creations over on Facebook.

    This week, we've been making key hangers from wooden blocks and nails. Simple but effective!We've also learned how to sew on a button – no excuses for missing top buttons now!

    Posted by Snaresbrook Prep on Tuesday, 13 October 2015