• Harvest Collection in Aid of Redbridge Assessment Centre

    For the first week of October, we took part in our annual Harvest Collection for Redbridge Assessment Centre (formerly Redbridge Night Shelter). Redbridge Assessment Centre, in Ilford, is a 24 hour hostel for street homeless people, providing emergency shelter to homeless adults. An aid we have supported for a number of years and a week we always look forward to supporting!


    Within one week of collecting, we had received THREE tables worth of food, toiletries and donations from our children, parents and staff! We were overwhelmed with the generosity shown this year and we were so proud to offer the abundant donations to RAC, knowing that it really will provide support to those who need it most.

    At Snaresbrook Prep School, we award children through a system of ‘House Points’. The children receive commendations and merit awards depending on their achievements and behaviour for that week. By the end of the week, in our Good Marks Assembly, all pupil’s totals are tallied up and go towards House Team Points (we have Browns, Yellows and Blues). So, for our Harvest Collection week, we had a challenge to see which House Team could win the most donations raised.

    After only a few days, the tables were piling high and by Friday, the winners were announced! Our Yellow team won the final challenge and were extremely proud of their achievements, because they understood how vital their donations were in helping improve the lives of others who aren’t as fortunate as us. Not only that, but our Year 6s also gave an assembly on Harvest Week, reiterating the importance of giving and spoke to us about how we have helped RAC in the past.

    Raising awareness of the wider world is a key factor at Snaresbrook Prep in developing our children’s compassion for others, seeing the value of what we have and understanding the importance of providing for others who need our support. We believe that this helps our children grow into thoughtful, considerate and well rounded adults!


    Lastly, we would love to thank our fantastic community of parents for their enthusiastic support, as always and hope to raise awareness of the invaluable work staff do at Redbridge Assessment Centre, so others may support them too.

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    AquaAid – How Do We Help?

    We at Snaresbrook Preparatory School are aware that keeping our children hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout the school day. As a result, we decided to invest in watercoolers from AquAid.  Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our school the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

    Our decision to install a water cooler from AquAid means that for each machine that we have, we have donated £20 per year per cooler to The Africa Trust.

    Through our contributions to The Africa Trust, an ‘Elephant Pump’ is being installed in Africa on our behalf. This pump will bring much needed, clean, fresh drinking water and improve the quality of life of those who will have access to our well.

    Our school’s name will be displayed proudly on our well and we look forward to adding some photos and letters of thanks from the villages to our site in the near future.

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    Art & Maths Curriculum Day

    On Thursday we have an exciting curriculum day planned filled with art and maths linked activities. We will also be raising money for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s’ Charity – this year’s chosen charity here at Snaresbrook. Please bring £2 to school on the day.

    On the day we would like each year group to wear a different coloured top. The top needs to be predominantly the chosen colour and can have a logo. Children can wear jeans or other coloured trousers etc

    Nursery – pink
    Reception – violet – (purple)
    Year 1 – indigo (dark blue/purple)
    Year 2 – blue
    Year 3 – green
    Year 4 – yellow
    Year 5 – orange
    Year 6 – red

    We are looking forward to a colourful and fun day!

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    Cinema Night

    Friday night was our movie night in aid of Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity. The School Council picked a selection of films to be screened at school on Friday. The children brought in snacks and had a wonderful ‘evening’ together with their friends.



    Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity helps to make life better for seriously ill children in the UK. “Our Roald Dahl Nurses provide support to children with serious illnesses, and their families. We believe every child has the right to a more marvellous life, no matter how ill they are, or how short their life may be”.

    The charity’s mission is to ensure that children and young people living with serious illnesses and disabilities are:

    • Understood, with deeper public knowledge about their needs.
    • Helped, with their needs met to live a full life.
    • Safe, with a comfortable home environment.
    • Loved, with a strong support network around them.
    • Treated with respect and the right care.

    “Providing a safe, thoughtful and loving environment is paramount for us at Snaresbrook Prep and the charity’s aims are very close to what we hope for all our children here. We hope to raise awareness of the charity as well as the incredible work they put in to help children and young adults. The work, commitment and passion of the staff at this charity is so heartwarming!” – Mrs Alderson, Charity Co-Ordinator at Snaresbrook Prep.

    Roald Dahl’s incredible life was also affected by serious illness, tragedy and loss. It was his personal experiences of illness – of his own and his close family – which spurred Roald Dahl to help seriously ill children and their families.

    Roald Dahl believed in taking practical steps to improve the lives of those around him. His creativity and determination even helped to develop pioneering new medical treatments such as the Wade-Dahl-Till valve. This device was used to help thousands of children with hydrocephalus. Roald Dahl also generously gave his time and money to help seriously ill children and their families, including many he never met.

    Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity continues this part of Roald Dahl’s legacy.



    Mrs Alderson adds, “Every year, Snaresbrook Prep hosts this charity event, as a treat for the children, but most importantly to support our chosen charity by doing something fun as a whole. The children absolutely love fundraising and our parents are always so on board with everything we do. Let’s hope we raise a substantial amount for them this year!” Monies raised will be announced later on this week!

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    Friendship & Forgiveness Assembly

    Mr Savage visited us this morning to talk about friendship, thoughtfulness, forgiveness and helping those around us when they need it most. Mr Savage told us the story from the Gospel of Luke (5:17-26).

    He asked us to think of ways we can look after our friends when they need us. Explaining that we work together so much better when we forgive and help each other with kindness in our hearts.

    Watch more over on YouTube:


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    Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity


    A very big thank you to Jane Miles, CEO of Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, who came to visit us before half term. Jane came to speak to us about anti-bullying, to tie in with our school value: ‘friendship’ and anti-bullying week.


    Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity helps to make life better for seriously ill children in the UK.

    “Our Roald Dahl Nurses provide support to children with serious illnesses, and their families. We believe every child has the right to a more marvellous life, no matter how ill they are, or how short their life may be.”


    Follow our charity events throughout the term, to check out how we have helped our chosen charity this year!

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    Year 6 Harvest Assembly

    This week is our annual Harvest Collection, where we raise donations of food and toiletries to go to Redbridge Assessment Center (formerly known as Redbridge Night Shelter). The center provides food, a place to rest and some care for the homeless people who are in desperate need. To help out, we ask our staff and pupils to bring in donations of jars, cans, tins, packets of food or toiletries.

    Year 6 spoke to us on Monday about healthy living, food and Harvest! Watch all here:



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    Good Marks Assembly 16.09.16

    Mr Curl started this week’s Good Marks Assembly by saying a “huge well done to our tour guides over this week’s Nursery Open Mornings. You have all been fantastic ambassadors!” Mr Manning, Year 6 teacher, added that “the guides were great examples to other pupils and also to our prospective parents – these young people are an asset to the school and show how very well rounded, polite and helpful they are. They all worked really hard!” Mr Curl finished by thanking everyone for 3 successful open mornings.


    Then, on to House Team points:-

    Blue – 590

    Brown – 582

    Yellow – 518


    We then moved onto the Value of the month, ‘Thoughtfulness’ and watched our school video to remind us how we can be thoughtful towards each other…




    Merits awarded for our Value:

    Year 1: Merit awarded to this person because they always help others without being asked

    Year 2: Merit badge goes out to this person beucase they are continuously looking out for others

    Year 3: This person is thoughtful and has the want to help others

    Year 4: For trying your best and put a lot of effort into their work this week, being thoughtful about their dedication to class work

    Year 5: We have a quote of the day in Year 5 and every morning, we discuss the quote. This person always thinks about the quote, breaks it down and puts their opinion to the class, something thoughtful and interesting each day!

    Year 6: This person changed his mind and went to choir for the greater good, to help out the choir and put others before his own choices. Mrs Phillips added that she was extremely proud and wanted to make sure this person knew how helpful his decision was to everyone else!


    Awards and Certificates

    • Grade 1 Flute with Merit
    • Swimming Level 3 Award
    • Infants Sports Trophy


    School Council

    Exciting news today for the School Council – today was election day and the new reps were announced! Before announcing the new Council, Ms Burgess asked us all what the School Council does? “It represents each class in meetings and school decisions”, “they organise events” and a key development from last year’s School Council, was the change of menu to focus on healthy eating and making healthy choices.


    Well done to our new reps! We’re looking forward to what changes, developments and decisions you’ll be making this year.


    New Developments

    Forest School will be working on a beautiful new mural for the junior and infant entrances at the front of our school and will be selecting a few drawings from our pupils, which will be incorporated into their design! The development is to link in with Forest’s Art and Community Action Awards, as well as creating a more inviting and colourful entrance for our children.

    This week, Wildlife Club researched, painted and drew some British Wildlife creatures, to be in with a chance of becoming part of the mural. If your child would like to enter a Wildlife painting – please enter before Wednesday 21st September! They must be finished in paint, felt tip or pastel. No pencil. Your critter also needs to fill the whole page (A4)! (Please ensure names and year groups are on the back). 

    Let’s get creative!



    The Dream Factory sent in a certificate for Summer Term’s fundraisings, we managed to raise £1052! Lots raised for our final term, well done and a huge thank you to our families who have helped make many dreams come true!


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