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    Good Marks 29.04.16


    Blue 706

    Brown 705

    Yellow 703

    A very tight race to the finish line with this week’s Good Marks.

    Well done to our Blue team who marched to the top with a one point difference!

    Good Marks Assembly



    Merits on Friday were awarded for our theme of ‘Perseverance’. The children showed perseverance in their class work, some children made a noticeable effort with their writing and language. Other children worked on their subtraction and spelling, others with their general maths.

    Four Year 4 pupils were awarded merits for their hard work and perseverance making an animation. The children designed, drew and created a storyboard and their set backdrops before creating characters and putting everything together to make a short animation. The Year 4’s conquered many challenges and eventually, created funny, very well executed animations. The whole school had a chance to watch the videos in Assembly this morning and we were extremely impressed!

    Watch more below:


    French Trip

    We then heard some stories from France. The Year 4 & 5’s told us all about their snails taste testing, choco story in Bruges and Mr Curl asked for some comments from staff about how the children behaved and what they enjoyed the most. Mrs Williams mentioned how many staff at the places we visited and members of the general public commented on how well behaved the children were, how engaged and interested the staff were with the children and how our children had restored faith in some! Along with some other lovely comments, Mrs Williams said how proud she was of everybody and that the teachers could definitely have enjoyed a few more days with the children in France.



    You can watch clips from our French Trip over on YouTube.

    We then sang our hymn, ‘Colours of Day’ to finish a very upbeat assembly, full of good news and interesting tales!


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    Good Marks Assembly

    Blue 439

    Brown 448

    Yellow 446

    Well done to our Browns who hopped into first place with just two points!

    This morning our ears were greeted to the soothing sounds of Eva Cassidy’s ‘Imagine’. Mr Curl asked who knew the song and who knew what artist sang the original? Of course, it was the wonderful, John Lennon.



    Commendations this morning, went out for fantastic work on a creative story, set in a forest! Great to hear pupils working hard on their creativity and English.

    Awards were also presented for Gymnastics, outside of school! Fantastic work, well done!

    The mood this morning was pretty sleepy, we think everyone has had a busy week and although it’s Friday, it felt like a tired Monday morning! However, this mood soon shifted when Miss Allan was taking the commendation awardee’s photos… someone was holding their commendation the wrong way round!!

    Commendation Oops



    The children all shouted “it’s the wrong way round!” And we finally realised, they meant the award! This certainly woke everyone up and had us all in stitches.



    Orangutans in a wheelbarrow

    Orangutans in a wheelbarrow?! Mr Curl has recently spoken to his Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 classes during their Current Affairs lessons about Orphaned baby orangutans who travel to ‘Forest school’ (not the Forest School, which the children found hilarious) in the Rainforest! Forest School is a ‘school’ specifically designed to help orphan apes discover how to play, live in the wild, eat the correct foods and how to climb! There are now over 100 orangutans at the school and should hopefully go back to the wild, eventually.

    orangutans in a wheelbarrow

    We watched a short video which showed us life at the Forest School!

    Mr Curl then said to Mrs Alderson “I’m sure we had some monkey business here at Snaresbrook, not too long ago… Do we still have the footage?!”. The children instantly remembered the video from Prize Giving, 7 months ago! You can catch up on those videos here:

    Prize Giving

    This year’s Prize Giving will be held at Hawkey Hall in Woodford, on Monday 11th July at 6.15pm. More information will be supplied nearer the time.




    Merits were awarded for our key value: Excellence this week. Next week, we will be moving onto ‘Enjoyment’.



    We finished today with our hymn; Shine Jesus Shine. A lovely, upbeat tune with a positive message – a great way to start our Friday!

    shine jesus shine

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    Good Marks Assembly

    We started off today’s Good Marks Assembly listening to ‘4:33’ by John Cage. Mr Roberson told us in Monday’s assembly about John Cage and how he sat at his piano for 4 minutes 33 seconds and didn’t do anything, but unintentionally made a song of silence called ‘4:33’!


    Storm Gertrude

    Mr Curl explained that Storm Jonas has now passed us, but we’re onto Storm Gertrude. “If you hear or feel the strong winds today, that will be Gertrude” explained Mr Curl.



    Good Marks

    A very big well done to our Brown team, in the lead with a mere 7 points!!

    BLUE 484

    BROWN 491

    YELLOW 478


    Mr Curl thanked his Year 6 readers and noted to a pupil that he “read very well – clear, loud and confident. You actually sounded like a teacher, have you ever thought of becoming a teacher?”. To which the pupil said “no.” Everyone found it hilarious!  As we had no commendations this week – which is the usual running joke, but this time there actually none! The Blue team noticed some yellow pieces of paper on the piano and signalled to Mr Curl that he had missed them. “Good try blues but that won’t work! It’s not commendations, it’s Mrs Phillips music book!” The Blues had unfortunately mistaken Mrs Phillips music book for the yellow commendation certificates that are normally hidden around the hall.


    We then had a look through some of the fantastic photos from the O2 and had a giggle at some silly photos – what a brilliant experience Young Voices is and we’re very lucky to be invited! We’re very much looking forward to next year’s!




    Lastly, well done to our merit winners for excellent behaviour, trying really hard to learn new things and being generally helpful around school. Well done!



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    Good Marks Assembly 04.12.15

    The first Good Marks assembly of the Christmas season! And it was indeed a time to be jolly, LOTS of commendations this week, we even had a Class Commendation! Wow.


    To start off, here are the results for the House Team points, with scores before & after commendations added:

    Blue 489 – 514

    Brown 505 – 525

    Yellow 497 – 507

    Mr Curl started today’s assembly with the commendations. He only found one but the children were ahead of him and spotted them in the tree!! How on earth did they get in there? Commendations were given for hard work, good pieces of work produced, a Class commendation for Year 3’s hard work and creativity on their assembly this week. Others were awarded for trying their best and producing fantastic creative writing. Well Done!



    Next up, we learned a new hymn for our upcoming Christmas production and then came the merits! Last week on ‘Friendship’, here are the pupils who have shown extra care and friendliness to their peers around school!



    To finish our Good Marks assembly, we spoke to Mrs Alderson about her recent accomplishment, what is Olympic Weightlifting and the children had a chance to ask some questions. We also watched a video of Mrs Alderson at her most recent competition – everyone was very proud and excited for Mrs Alderson!



    You can watch this clip on YouTube here and here.

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    Good Marks Assembly 27.11.15

    This week, our Blues came out on top with 583 House Team points! Lots of merit awards helping to push up our top totals. Merits this week, were awarded to children who had been noticed being kind to their peers, showing a caring attitude and making effort to make new friends. Well done to our 7 merit awardees this week!



    Commendations focused more on work and attitude this week, with commendations being awarded for ‘being a good role model to peers in gymnastics’, producing ‘an imaginative and well written story’ and for ‘a consistent and dedicated effort towards learning’. A very big WELL DONE to those who received commendations.


    Other certificates that were awarded in today’s Good Marks Assembly were for passing their piano prep test. Along with the annual Maths Challenge. This is called the ‘Primary Mathematics Challenge’ and is run by the Mathematical Association. Mrs Burgess explained to the school that “years 5 and 6 take part in a national maths challenge each year. The questions are very difficult and certainly make you think!” Mrs Burgess also mentioned that the children have done remarkably well and was very proud of their achievements. The children won Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Fantastic achievements children, well done!



    The School Council came together to collect their School Council Badges and here they are:


    Lastly, Mr Curl asked how the Year 4 Christmas Production was coming along, to which Mr Roberson said “the production is very encouraging and I’m excited to take the children down to the church to practice properly”. Mr Roberson remarked “I think this will be a show stopper”. Can’t wait! Mrs Phillips added that “Year 4 are really going for it, confident singing – really well done!”. Not long now, everyone at school is very excited!

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    Good Marks 09.10.15

    Mr Major warmed up our Nursery class in this morning’s lesson, just before assembly Mr Curl asked if he could get the whole school ready for the day and if he had any tips… Head over to Facebook to watch the video!


    House Team Points:

    Blues 589

    Browns 589

    Yellows 603

    Well done to YELLOWS! Our cheering must have worked this week, coming out top with a whopping 603 points, that means we’ve had bundles of positive attitudes, respect shown to others and general kindness and thoughtfulness around the school. Well done to all three teams!


    Commendations this week went out for excellent problem solving in maths & touch typing an entire piece of work, without being asked. Fantastic efforts shown! Well done for our Year 1 Gymnastics champion, who completed her Level 1! Merits this week, were awarded for children who had shown respect. Teachers praised their pupils for showing kindness and respect to pupils and staff alike. 



    Welcome back to Mr Roberson! Two weeks has flown past, but we have certainly missed you. To finish Friday’s Good Marks Assembly, we turned down the lights and had a look through some beautiful baby photos of Finnian. Lots of ‘awws’ filled the room and the children all seemed very proud!

    Mr Roberson took the opportunity to thank his Year 5 pupils and parents for their kind & thoughtful gesture – explaining “Finnian will spend the gift card wisely!”





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    Good Marks Assembly 25th September

    Well done to another victorious win for our BLUE House Team. Although, a very close follow from Browns and Yellows.

    Merits this week were mainly awarded for children’s helpful attitudes. Lots of teachers, this week, had noticed that their students were always helping others (including their teachers!); helping fellow pupils to settle into their new school and helping other’s with their work.

    Well done to our little helpers this week – we are really focusing on our theme of being Thoughtful and this is coming across throughout the classrooms, playground and in friendships. A brilliant way to end the week!



    We then started on our hymn to finish our assembly, which seemed to be Mrs Williams’ fave… Mrs Phillips asked us to hum the tune to start but Mrs Williams went straight in with the words! An angelic voice rang through the assembly hall, a memory Mr Curl will never let Mrs Williams forget.

    We also found out that one of our pupils, Emily, has taken to running into school – how healthy! Mr Curl told us the story of how he saw a little pupil in the Snaresbrook uniform running towards school, not even breaking a sweat… followed shortly (20 minutes or so later) after by dad in his suit, who told Mr Curl he ‘may have to go back home as he was done for the day’! Poor dad, but well done Emily, hopefully dad will catch up soon!



    Mrs Alderson mentioned that next week is Harvest Week. So, we will be collecting tins, cans, packets, toiletries – pretty much anything and everything in a packet, for Redbridge Night Shelter. This is a great opportunity to give our cupboards an Autumn clean and give to those who need our help!

    We will be collecting every day during assembly through Monday 28th – Friday 2nd and will be sending off everything collected on Friday 2nd October. Any contributions will be of great help and very much appreciated. However, please no fruit, vegetables, opened packets, etc. Please do also check the expiry date!

    Let’s do the best we’ve done and help out as many as we can!

    Conkers Autumn Harvest

    Year 4 Art

    Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Art from Year 4

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    Good Marks Assembly 18.09.15

    Well done to our Blue House for finishing on an excellent 537 points for this week! Lots of brilliant behaviour, positive attitudes and working hard. Commendations this week were awarded for outstanding behaviour; focused attitude and delivering work to be proud of and being an excellent team player! Well done boys & girls!

    Commendations House Team

    Merits ran under our theme of ‘Thoughtfulness’. Children who received a merit badge this week had paid particular attention to the needs of others – looking after friends when they are down; helping new children to settle in; being generally friendly and positive were amongst a few of the reasons this week. A very big well done to all our merit awardees!

    Merit awardees

    Mrs Foster and Ms Fourie thanked their football and netball teams for their hard work and enthusiasm last Saturday at the Chigwell Football Festival and Netball Rally!

    IMG_5133 Full Football Team w Ms Foster

    Lastly, Mr Curl took the time to thank our Year 6 Ambassadors for taking tours during this week’s Nursery Open Days. Mr Curl explained that we had many positive comments and praises about the Year 6 guides. Prospective parents left happy and well informed – Well Done to Year 6 for their help, time and positive attitudes this week.

    YR6 Ambassadors